CCI 2012: Exclusive Figures Round Up

Comic Con is always an awesome time for us fan boys and girls. The smell of new comics on a mornings day, the greasepaint on some guy’s face who’s dressed as the Joker, and exclusive action figures.

Lots and lots of brand spanking new action figures. There’s far too much to cover in one sitting so here’s some of the best of the best that were on show at CCI, courtesy of MTV Geek and IGN:

Comic Con Explosion Godzilla

Comic Con Explosion Godzilla’s has on its box art of him ripping through the San Diego Convention! Surely someone would have noticed! But this sculpted piece from the S.H. Monsters line will look great glowing on anyone’s mantle piece.

DC Universe Classics – Death Figure

With Neil Gaimen’s Death character becoming a part of the DC Universe after the two part graphic novel The Black Ring, it’s great to see her appearance here. Based on the art of David Finch (of Batman fame) it’s an expertly crafted figure who people will be clamoring for.

Invisible Bilbo Baggins

Interest in the new Hobbit movie could not be higher and here comes Bridge Directs Comic Con exclusive Bilbo figure. It’s difficult to see the sculpting of the face on these see through figures but the rest looks top notch with great attention to detail on Bilbo’s attire.

Captain America Figure

Hot Toys have put out this insanely detailed Steve Rogers figure from the Captain America movie. The companies’ second Cap figure comes with interchangeable hands and weapons. The real selling point of this figure is the amazingly life like head of Chris Evans which stands on Cap’s body. For $220 it’s not the cheapest figure out there but the detail is all out on show.


Hasbro have done it again with the amazing attention to detail on this new Bruticus figure. Based on the upcoming Fall of Cybertron game this combiner will be able to come apart into 5 separate figures. The thing I like most about this is it has the look of the original animated Transformers series but also has been refined enough to make it look new for people just coming to the series.

He-Man Sword Letter Opener

Now I’ll be honest. I don’t get that many letters anymore what with email and texting being the norm but I’d gladly have this piece of kit on my desk! With it looking exactly like the old cartoon sword now’s the time to grab one of these and start shouting “by the power of grey skull”!

Dark Knight Rises Bruce to Batman

Mattel have come up with a great looking set here. Part Batcave, part Wayne Manor, it also has sound effects and you get to change Bruce into Batman and back again! Okay, not a new concept but still an entertaining one.

Shadow Hunter Leonardo

Playmates have created an interesting take on Leo. Half of the style looks like the animated series but the actual shading make it a lot more like the original Eastman and Laird comic design. Hopefully there will be more of these in the future as a full range would look incredible!

Arkham Asylum Batman Figure

Looking like they have stepped straight out of the DC Batman Black and White series comes these two figures from Square-Enix’s Play Arts Kai line. Following the art style of the game but slightly bigger than your standard action figure these two figures are sure to be a hit with all fans of the game.

Star Wars Carbonite Chamber Set

Hasbro are experts at creating new takes on even the most obscure of Star Wars figures. This new line uses existing figures but repackages them in a very retro styled box and if you buy the set they all come in a 360 degree spinning display case. And that’s not all. The hidden seventh figure is Jar Jar in carbonite! It may be worth shelling out $80 just for the honor of owning that!

Hero From the Sky Ash

There are so many amazing things about this figure. The style from Evil Dead 2 is spot on especially with Ash slightly dopey, slightly terrified look. This figure has captured everything about Ash! The gray scale used on him looks incredible to, makes him look all haggard. That’s what fighting Deadites will do to you!

Uncanny X-Force 3 Pack

Again another stunning displayed box which leaps right out at you and an amazing Archangel figure that floats above. The rest of the figures look pretty sweet but its Archangel that dominates this set. But why no Deadpool! Would have been even more rocking with him involved!

So there you have it. A very small selection of the Comic Con exclusives up for grabs. Something for every collector I think!

For more CCI coverage click here!

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