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The Goon Lives! Tim Miller’s Adaptation Appears to be Back on Track

Back before Tim Miller was directing his record-breaking smash hit Deadpool, he was one of the guiding forces behind developing the animated adaptation of Eric Powell’s comic series The Goon.

David Fincher signed on to produce the film in 2008 , working off a script from Powell himself, and recruited Miller to co-direct the project along with Jeff Fowler. The effort eventually culminated with a trailer length release of some test footage in 2012, not unlike the video that gained a large enough viral following to get Deadpool off the ground. However, unlike what happened with Deadpool, that was the last anyone heard about the project.

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No Redeeming Qualities: The One Where Goku Went Up To Fajita

Grizzly Bomb is proud to continue our partnership with the No Redeeming Qualities Podcast! The guys are joined this week by their friend Matt. This is the 2nd episode of 2016.

Episode 23 – The One Where Goku Went Up To Fajita

Bob and Zipp are joined by Matt as the trio discuss the downfall of super hero movies, thick women, the potential rise of R rated movies, why Zipp hates Dragon Ball Z, fishing without a license, and crawfish boils.

For those unaware, podcast hosts Bob and Zipp were former members of the Bam Kapow family, a site that became the catalyst for GB, and where many of our staff started out and met. Anyhow, here is the newest episode of the NRQ podcast.

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Deadpool REVIEW: What’s Not to Love?

Alright guys, I don’t know if you could tell how excited I was about Deadpool, but it was a lot. Normally, I like to keep my expectations at a neutral 5 just in case a movie doesn’t cut it. At least then I don’t leave the theater too incredibly bummed out. However for Deadpool, I had a much harder time maintaining my expectation composure, and my neutrality went through the window back when the test footage leaked.  I set myself up for disappointment. There was no way the movie was going to be everything I wanted it to be…

EXCEPT IT WAS. – Spoilers ahead.. maybe? Kinda.

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Hilarious New Deadpool Posters and TV Spots


The movie hasn’t even come out yet and it’s already my favorite movie ever. Whoever is on this marketing team really deserves an award. Do they give awards for that? They should.

Here’s and example. Since Deadpool is set to release very close to Valentine’s Day, this A+ marketing team has created rom-com inspired posters for this very not rom-com movie/character, and it is pure gold.

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X-Force: Possible Team Lineup Revealed?

Are you excited for Deadpool? I know I am, and most people I talk to certainly are excited as well. Here’s the thing though. With the rise of Deadpool came something of a casualty as well that most people aren’t thinking about – The Death of X-Force.

Maybe death is a little premature. After all, we are here to talk about some concept art from the film that finally reveals the team we might have seen on the big screen, but let’s back up.

deadpool-poster-4A cinematic adaptation of X-Force first began gaining some traction when it was revealed that Jeff Wadlow would be writing and directing the X-spinoff for Fox. His script was praised by both Mark Millar – who Wadlow worked with on Kick-Ass 2 – as well as X-Force creator Rob Liefeld. There were rumors about the film and the five-person team we might see, and news was starting to drop in pretty fast.

Then the Deadpool test footage leaked, the Internet exploded, and Fox changed gears a bit. Suddenly Deadpool was finally happening and Ryan Reynolds was happy again. Unfortunately all X-news then focused on either the main trilogy of films (which we can expect to conclude with the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse) or the two new buzz-worthy spinoffs with Deadpool and Gambit.

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