HBO’s True Blood 5.07 – “In the Beginning”

It just wouldn’t be True Blood if we didn’t open with someone’s blood everywhere.  This time it’s Roman’s; and his absence creates quite an upheaval at the Authority headquarters.  It’s fascinating how much humanity remains in these vampires.

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As soon as one strong figure-head is removed from the picture, how quickly we can all jump on board with another, even if their principles and ideals could not be more different.  Most people want someone at the helm leading them through life more than they want to stand up for what they believe is right.

We know now that Salome released Russell, which was no surprise, and Nora was her accomplice.  Eric and Bill seem to be standing up for their principles as long as they can.  Eric drops one of the best one-liners we’ve heard from him in ages when he calls the three of them “Bible banging cunts.”

Man, I’ve missed him!  He’s had no personality lately; almost as bad as last season when he turned into Sookie’s sweet little farmboy boyfriend. Then everyone drinks Lilith’s blood and this happens:

Spring Break ’86!!!

Look how Bill prances around New Orleans on Eric’s back, like he’s riding a great Viking steed.  Look how Russell Edgington wears his sunglasses at night and a fedora, like a Blues Brother.  Even the tall black guy from Spartacus is having a good time. I thought their feeding frenzy in the bar was pretty bizarre; especially when Lilith became a naked woman (NSFW) who roared like a velociraptor.  I did like that they brought Godric back to ask Eric to look after Nora and help her make good decisions.  As Eric is tripping out of his mind, Godric’s warning seems a little … tardy.

As crazy as their whole story was this episode, I’m really loving the Authority right now, especially with Russell Edgington.  This war between vampires and humans, this building and rising up against mainstreaming, is so much more interesting than the garbage we’ve been subjected to in previous seasons.  Witches?  Maenads?  Sam’s redneck shifter family?  Inbreeders in Hot Shot?  Talk about your Vom Squad.  We’re finally getting a story arc we can really sink our teeth into, pun intended.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that the organization that led and controlled the vampire mainstreaming movement has been infiltrated and crumbles before our eyes.

As far as minor story lines go, some of them are pretty good.  I’m actually really starting to get into the relationship building between Pam and Tara.  We’ve been given such an intimate glimpse into Pam’s past and how she became the way that she is; her vulnerability is more evident.  Now that Eric has released her, she’s (secretly) finding joy in being needed by Tara, who is far less annoying with Pam in the room.  One bitch by herself could not be more annoying, but put two bitches together and you have gold, my friend.  Just like grandma used to say.

While I still can’t get totally into the whole shifter thing, it’s nice to see Sam using his powers for something good; rolling around on the floor, solving crimes.  He and Andy make quite the comedic team as well; though I think Andy could make anything funny.

I can’t help feel like this “hate group” that formed is a little overdone and predictable.  Humans still hate supers, we get it.  I don’t understand the use of the Obama masks.  And I hate that Hoyt is involved. Alcide’s pursuit of being pack master is still a little vague, and hit or miss.  Needless to say, I’m not invested. Terry and his flame monster should just be cut.  Completely. I don’t even want to know what’s happening with Lafayette and those crazy Mexicans.  Kudos to the pregnant lady for stabbing the shit out of Jesus’ gramps though.  I don’t see what the overall point of all of this bruja nonsense is.  It’s weird, and gross.

We also learn in this episode that Sookie’s faerie powers will run out if she uses them up; and that she could be normal if they do.  After learning that her parents were attacked and killed by a vampire because of her bloody band-aid in the back of their car (gross), she’s feeling a little guilty and wants to get rid of her abnormalities.  What to do?  Use your microwave hands over and over again until the voices stop.  I’d like to see the footage of Anna Paquin doing her faerie removal dance before the effects were put in; I’d bet that would be worth seeing.

Despite the fact that some of the side stories are lacking, I’m going to say again that I’m really digging this season.  I thought this episode in particular was great.  I’m really loving the Authority, the pacing was upbeat and interesting, and the side stories were kept to a minimum.

There is one thing I feel like this season is lacking, and I know I’m going to sound like a total girl, but there is no love story.  I don’t say this because I need all the mushy stuff, those of you that know me well know I’d choose Die Hard over The Notebook always. [<—- Ed. Note – And this is why she writes for this site] In every situation.  However, there’s nothing redeeming anyone, nothing we’re rooting for, nothing endearing us to the characters.  Most great stories have a love story for these very reasons.

The bears have spoken, and 4.5 of them recommend seeing this episode.  The other half of the fifth bear watched The Bachelorette instead.

And by decree of the editor, your obligatory Jessica pic…

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