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The Irishman: First Trailer For Scorsese’s Massive Gangster Epic Starring De Niro, Pesci, and Pacino

Martin Scorsese and Netflix’s long-anticipated gangster film The Irishman has been given its first trailer and it’s a doozy.

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Our Thoughts on X-Men: Days of Future Past Rogue Cut

X-Men: Days of Future Past was, for the most part, universally loved. It satisfied a lot of comic book fans, in knowing that the story wasn’t massively butchered or Brett Ratner’d (admit it, you were afraid). It satisfied the moviegoers because it retcon’d out X-Men: The Last Stand (maybe you can gather our opinion on the third movie from the last few statements). It also brought Bryan Singer back in the fold in the director’s chair, which he stepped away from in the last decade and let he-who-will-not-be-mentioned-again and Matthew Vaughn keep the seat warm for the triumphant return.

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True Blood – #WaitingSucks but a new trailer doesn’t!

I’ve mentioned it before, (here in the S.H.I.E.L.D. trailer write-up) but I love when shows embrace social media, especially when they come up with a clever hashtag with which to brand themselves. There are few better than the HBO vampire show, True Blood, with their #WaitingSucks campaign. In addition to having something that is easy for people to spread around twitter, they put out YouTube videos as well.

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Countdown to Halloween #9: Sam

Sam is the governing body who resides over all Halloween traditions in 2007’s Trick ‘r Treat.  He is the physical embodiment of all things Halloween.  He’s the trick or treater, the scary story, the full moon, the blowing leaves.  Everything that makes Halloween what it is, he is an integral part.  He is all that’s evil, all that’s good.  His only demand is that you abide by tradition.  What ever you do, don’t run out of candy.

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HBO’s True Blood Episode 5.08 – “Somebody That I Used to Know”

After the brilliance of last week, I was completely underwhelmed by what I was served during this most recent of episodes.

Sookie’s faerie powers are getting ridiculous.  Now apparently she can read the thoughts of dead people?  It’s too much.  It’s too weird.  And who is this creepy new vampire that killed her parents?  The Scarecrow from Batman Begins?  Seems like he’d be pretty cool to have on the show as more than just a memory, so let’s hope we meet him for real.

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HBO’s True Blood 5.07 – “In the Beginning”

It just wouldn’t be True Blood if we didn’t open with someone’s blood everywhere.  This time it’s Roman’s; and his absence creates quite an upheaval at the Authority headquarters.  It’s fascinating how much humanity remains in these vampires.

Image (1) megan-true-blood.jpg for post 7681

As soon as one strong figure-head is removed from the picture, how quickly we can all jump on board with another, even if their principles and ideals could not be more different.  Most people want someone at the helm leading them through life more than they want to stand up for what they believe is right.

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Chris Meloni and Scott Foley Join the Cast of True Blood!

Summer time is right around the corner, and so is the premier of the 5th season of HBO’s True Blood.  We’ve covered some of what we know about season five, let’s get caught up to speed on the rest of what we can expect!

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More Helpings of ‘True Blood’ – HBO Signs on for Season Five

True Blood fans, rejoice!  Creator Alan Ball has announced that the hit HBO series will continue for a fifth season under his own executive producer-ship.  Rumor has it that HBO has signed the series on for more than one continuing season, Alan Ball only agreeing to be at the helm for one more (though he may decide to continue his run).

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Review: HBO’s True Blood 4.04 – “I’m Alive and on Fire”

In case you’ve missed anything – Click Here

Though I thought this season had easily the weakest premiere of any season to date, the episodes since then however, have been some of the most entertaining ever. And that’s saying something consider how little I care about most of the storylines. 

After Eric hilariously tragically killed Sookie’s fairy godmother he becomes extremely inebriated (read: drunk off his ass) and funnier than ever. He pinches Sookie’s butt and then takes off into the woods…just prior to sunrise. Now all this makes for a mighty fun watch. Sookie and the wolf track Eric down in the water, as the fairy blood in his system is starting to wear off. Lucky timing.

Outside of the Sookie/Eric story, which encompasses the werewolf as well, the next best section tonight was surprisingly the ‘Jason vs. the Hillbilly Panthers’ part. He escapes – finally – and kills Felton, delivering a favor to the entire viewing audience. This is the section that normally bores me, but when Jason drove that stake through the Panther Felton, I actually cared for a minute.

Bill finds out that the crazy chick from Dexter that he banged last week is his great great ect. ect. granddaughter. Ewww. But hey, at least Mona Robinson is her’s and Andy’s grandmother.

Jason later collapses by the road where luckily some friends are driving by – Jessica and Hoyt. The young couple is barely in this one, but Hoyt’s adopted replacement – Tommy seeks out his mother only to be predictably betrayed again. Sam will no doubt eventually free Tommy from his newly restored prison, but for the time being, I’m not worried about him. The whole shifter collective is pretty lame right now, I mean really, you can be any animal and none of them choose a bear? Pathetic.

The other story picked up tonight was the witches, or more accurately, how they dealt with Pam. Marnie once again channeled the witch that we saw in the premiere (and in an earlier flashback) and triggers Pam’s face to begin rotting. It was awesome. Growing up in the 80’s (pre-Twilight) this is the kind of thing you’d expect from a show or movie about vampires and werewolves and witches and demons.

Face Rotting Off > Sparkly Vampires

Aside from Pam and Eric, my other favorite part has to be the development of Terry and Arlene’s baby…and IT’S CREEPY DOLL!!!

Overall, good – not great. I’d give it 3.5 Bears. Might’ve been lower because of so little Jessica, but the baby, the drunk Eric, and Pam’s face rotting off, those all count big in my book…

And just because…

Review: HBO’s ‘True Blood’ Season 4, Episode 3 – “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?”

Well Megan is indisposed this week, so your friendly neighborhood Doc is gonna fill in tonight. Now I’ll be up front – over the first couple episodes this season we’ve got a lot of story lines to follow, and I care about almost none of them. I mostly don’t care about the fairies though. Mostly. I don’t like Jesus or Tara, but Lafayette is always fun, and their coven of witches became a hell of a lot more interesting last week when they owned Eric.  They still fall well below the Vampire council in terms of what I want to see however.

True Blood

Sam’s shifter community and Jason’s redneck panthers seem nothing more than filler at this point. And yes I know the 2 panthers eating Jason Stackhouse last week was important, I just don’t care about it, you know it’s gonna lead to another stupid storyline. To be honest, the best connected to that story line is my boy Sheriff Andy Bellefleur and his drug addiction. And Terry and Arlene are hilarious, but as always, my number one reason to watch – Jessica and Hoyt. ANYHOW – Tonight’s episode…

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