Preview and Predictions for WWE Summerslam’s Co-Main events

From a purely wrestling standpoint, I am very much looking forward to the 25th anniversary of what is arguably the WWE’s second biggest PPV of the year, “Summerslam.” I believe that the WWE has truly matched some of their best wrestlers stylistically and at the end of the night those who paid for the event should be happy.

Sharing the main event slot in this Sundays event, but selfishly not the poster for the event itself, is Brock Lesnar. This is his second match since returning in April and he will face Triple H in a singles match. In April, we saw Lesnar take on John Cena in what could have been considered more of a bar brawl then a wrestling match. He ended up losing the bout but while this outcome seemed to serve Cena a lot of good in terms of his fan base, it did this match at Summerslam no favors because naturally the WWE universe is now expecting, and rightfully so, a Lesnar victory.

I understand that Lesnar is under a contract with very limited appearances per month, but I still feel like this storyline and match buildup could have been written better by an enthusiastic 9-year-old. At the end of April, we start with Triple H having his arm broken by Lesnar. This was followed by a couple of months of Heyman buildup, a lame brawl at Raw’s 1,000 episode and another broken arm by Lesnar on Shawn Michaels. After all of that, this is supposed to have me all fired up for this match to see Hunter get “retribution?” Sorry all mighty creative WWE writers but this just didn’t get the job done for me as far as the storyline goes.

However, lucky for the WWE, their lackluster buildup for the match won’t affect most fans excitement for the match itself due to how aggressive of a fight it will be despite the lack of buildup. If Triple H’s last match with the Undertaker was any indication of how he will fight at Summerslam, and Lesnar’s match at backlash was any indication of how he will fight, the fans who are looking forward to a brawl will be thrilled with the match.

Although I don’t see the Lesnar/Hunter storyline continuing after Sunday, it won’t be necessary after watching all the events unravel. Overall, I see the 25th anniversary of Summerslam being well worth every penny that fans will pay for it and I am very much looking forward to seeing how the results of the event will impact the storyline going into the Night of Champions PPV in September.

2 thoughts on “Preview and Predictions for WWE Summerslam’s Co-Main events”

  1. Vince is too petty and egotistical to let a new NWO happen. I will literally eat my words on camera if this EVER happens. I’ll frikkin’ Tout it. I just want Ziggler to dethrone Jericho already. I love Jericho, but he’s been talking about leaving (again) for months, so let him die a warriors death already. I will also hope for, and then inevitably be disappointed by the lack of, Dean Ambrose’s debut at Summerslam. If Ambrose shows up, MAYBE the NWO will start again. Maybe.


  2. Also, my Summer-Slam pics are:
    Santino Primetime Players, although they should win.
    Miz > Rey Mysterio, because fuck Rey Mysterio.
    Daniel Bryan > Kane, because Bryan Danielson is an amazing wrestler, and the true best in the world, and I read an old post here where you or somebody called him a NO TALENT ASSCLOWN, and holy crap you/him couldn’t be more wrong.
    Ziggler > Jericho, because all legends must come to an end.
    Sheamus > ADR because ugh, I hate the world.
    And as much as I want Punk or Show to win, the smart money, (and the dirt sheets) are saying Cena.

    Last and actually least, is Brock < Triple H. Brock would probably shoot quit if he had to lose-lose, so it'll probably be a "Triple H won the battle, but Brock won the war" thing like they tried at Extreme Rules, but failed because fucking Cena can't sell anything and keeps quitting and then showing up the next night on Raw that ACTUAL no talent assclown.


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