Possible Return of Terriers?!?!?! Yes Please.

When I started Grizzly Bomb, it was largely done with one focus – Terriers. I had fallen in love with the show and was devastated when I learned that no one else was watching it. My first several articles revolved around an attempt to raise awareness and hopefully boost ratings for the show about the two PIs and their quest to save their beach community. We were far too small however to actually make any kind of impact at the time. Ultimately, the show was canceled. Now there are a lot of things that could be blamed for the show’s fate – poor initial marketing by FX being chief among them. They flooded the channel with advertising, but people simply did not know what the show was about, myself included. I only gave it a chance because it was on FX, a station that seemed to be made specifically for me as I loved their entire schedule at the time. It also didn’t hurt that I was a fan of both Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James, and that Shawn Ryan (The Shield/The Chicago Code) was the man behind it all.

There is also the fact that towards the later half of the season, when it seemed as though they might be picking up some momentum, they had a crucial episode land on November 24th, 2o10. That was the night before Thanksgiving; aka ‘The Biggest Bar Night of the Year’.  Ratings, which had been climbing for the previous several episodes, took a sharp drop that night. I had hoped that FX would delay the episode for a week, but it wasn’t the case once viewers missed that one – which set up the entire finale – it was pretty much over.

Cast Members: Laura Allen, Donal Louge, Kimberly Quinn, Michael Raymond-James, Jamie Denbo, and Rockmond Dunbar

Since then the show has actually found a bit of an audience on NetFlix, and that may be all it needed. Reports now indicate that Shawn Ryan is thinking about doing a 2-Hour followup movie, and he wants to fund it RoboCop style – on Kickstarter. This means that the fans would help fund it, and while I only tossed $5 at the RoboStatue, I’d be willing to pay a little more for this.

Here is what Ryan told TBI Vision:

“I’ve had friends who’ve raised money for indie movies through Kickstarter and I started to think that if you wanted to make a 2 hour movie that capped off that series, how would it cost to make it and would there be a way to raise the money via a combination of Netflix and Kickstarter”

“It’s a very nervous time in the TV industry because paradigms are changing but it’s also exciting because in the past the show would have been dead and gone and never to be revived but is there a way to do something.”

Ryan is in talks with Griffin and if he approves the idea, will discuss with Fox 21, the company that produced the original series.

“I don’t own the rights, Fox 21 does but maybe there’d be some upside for them if they didn’t have to chip in a dime but all of a sudden had a two-hour movie as an asset that they could add to what they have on Netflix, maybe they’d go for it” 

Star Michael Raymond-James appears to be on board with the idea as well…

Shawn Ryan however has preached caution…

While everything is still in very early stages, we here at Grizzly Bomb are certainly hoping it moves forward and we’ll keep you as up to date as when can. Which will include a constant barrage of links leading to the Kickstarter funding page – should it ever get up and running… 

Images: FX, Twitter

2 thoughts on “Possible Return of Terriers?!?!?! Yes Please.”

  1. I remember seeing the ads for the show, and thinking it was a show about dogs, and I didn’t give a shit about ever following up on it. I recorded the first episode and got bored halfway through. I guess I should give it a second chance.


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