Weird & Wacky World of Comics – Rex: Zombie Killer

Rex the Zombie Killer: a zombified little treat for you to sink your teeth into. To get you into the world of Rex, let’s look at all the main characters first. I should probably mention first that all of the main characters are animals. Okay, now keep reading.

Rex is a clever golden retriever. He was locked up in a laboratory and is now looking for a doctor who was nice to him there. He is the natural leader.

Kenji is a sign language gorilla with a baseball bat. He is the muscle.

Brutus is a tough, old pit-bull. He is also an ex drug dog and a bit grumpy. Imagine Ironhide from Transformers as a dog and you are on the right track.

Buttercup is a silly corgi who is childlike but brave; the group’s heart.

This leaves Snowball, a pampered white cat who sits on its ass while everyone else works. She is the annoying one.

So what we have here is your standard post-apocalyptic zombie tale with talking animals instead of people. It is strange because the animals can all understand each other when they talk. Maybe animals all speak the same language. The banter between them is pretty good though there is a lot of fighting and bickering, they look like a loveable furry family. The humans however, are mostly awful. There are two kinds: One is the scientist we only see once in flashback, while the others are a full on leather clad biker gang. This gang has been to the Dawn of the Dead school of biker gangs as they wear their handle bar moustaches with pride and just like kicking people’s asses for no reason. I mean, they kidnap Brutus to use him for sport, putting him on a chain so he will have to fight zombies until he dies. These guys are scum! Go kick their asses, animals!

The plot is nothing complex; I have explained most of it already. Let’s just say that the crew manage to get Brutus back and kick the human’s ass. Even though it’s simplistic, it is pretty great. It’s like a part of an epic quest we have been plonked into half way through. The ending is great, with the shy dog Buttercup using a childhood memory of his mom to give him strength to attract 100’s of zombies to the human’s camp. They smash it down and the bad guys are their desserts. Simple, but very effective. It is a testament to writer Rob Anderson that he has created this group of animals that are great as a unit, and also fun to read about. Again, praise must go to him for making a zombie story both adults and kids can read, each getting something different from it. This book is a lot of fun! It’s hard not to smile when a gorilla and a dog are having an argument about group loyalty. The simple story actual works in the comics favor, making it easy to just leap straight into it without some huge back story to worry about.

The artwork is basic but artist Dafu Yu (Grim Fairy Tales) manages to make something original with his smooth lined style. It’s great to look at, and after a while, the art seems like a really violent children’s storybook. The zombies look fantastic and even though there is not a lot of blood in this book, it does create a great deal of tension, especially at the end with the rampaging zombies.

To sum up, it’s great fun to see animals outfox humans and zombies. If you don’t like that part, then there is the great banter between them all. Then, if you are still not satisfied there is always the fun of watching a gorilla with a backpack smashing zombies’ heads in with a baseball bat. It’s a simple pleasure but one I greatly appreciated.

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