Boondock Saints 3 is NOT HAPPENING.

Like so many college bros, I too have seen Boondock Saints and loved it for it’s over the top stylized charm mixed with light social commentary on vigilante justice. What could have been a full on movie franchise based on cult popularity turned pretty sour due to the directors own selfish, arrogant hubris. The film’s own quality and buzz ended up costing him any and almost all connections and bridges he once had, before burning them to the ground as documented in Overnight. It was pretty harrowing watching Troy Duffy turn from a seemingly talented, almost Tarantino-esque indie filmmaker into a total douchebag. After the events that transpired as documented in that film, and the subsequent release of that film, it seemed like we’d never get a sequel to Boondock Saints. Suddenly though, we did. And it was… Less than good. Pretty bad actually.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call it the worst movie of all time, but boy was it all over the place tonally. It seemed to be trying to go for a different style of over the top action than the first, but just ended up landing somewhere in between genuinely shitty and unintentionally humorous.

This was pretty great though.

I love action movies that don’t take themselves seriously, but there’s really a fine line you know? Boondock Saints 2 seemed to be more or less a failure at what it was trying to do, but ended up being watchable because of the talent involved. Overcoming a bad script is a pretty difficult feat for a cast to do, but BS2 is a pretty excellent example of that. I remember watching it and thinking, “Well, maybe 3 will be better?”. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Norman Reedus, aka Murphy McManus himself, said so.

via [SpinoffOnline]

“I came here for something last week, or two weeks ago, and we had a meeting with Troy. I did an interview with like Men’s Health or something and the very last question they asked me was, ‘So, is there going to be a Boondock 3?’ and I said — I said, quote me — ‘I don’t know, but tonight I’m having a meeting with Sean and Troy to talk about it,’ and it went viral,” Reedus explained. “‘He says it’s happening!’ But I didn’t say that. For the record, I did not say that. But I will say that it’s not happening. There will not be a part three. Creative differences, so to speak.”

Then he shot the interviewer in the face. Probably.

It’s a bummer because that really doesn’t surprise me. From the first video I posted above, and what I’ve heard and seen, Troy Duffy seems impossible to work with. I remember reading an interview where Norman Reedus was asked point-blank if Troy Duffy was an asshole on set, and Reedus flat-out defended him by saying he wasn’t difficult at all. Sure enough, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear further stories come out about the exact nature of the creative differences, all mostly being centered around trying to make the movie not suck. But who knows, because we won’t see it. It’s spilled milk not worth crying over. If Boondock Saints 2 was a badass extension of the first that capitalized on its really brilliant social commentary filled ending, I’d be mourning the loss of BS3. As it is, I’m just gonna try to forget that 2 ever happened, and enjoy the original in a vacuum where I can pretend its director isn’t a total douche.

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