Jon Hamm and Adam Scott star in “The Greatest Event in Television History”

If you have watched Adult Swim at all recently, you probably saw an incredibly vague promo for “The Greatest Even in Television History”, much like this one:

If you follow Adam Scott on twitter, you might have seen pictures like this:

And if you happen to be scrolling through your tumblr dashboard, you might have seen this:

What does it all mean? What is it about? Will it truly be the “Greatest Event in Television History”? Why is Jon Hamm carrying strappy sandals? Doesn’t he know that those are a n0-no after Labor Day?

Sidenote: I have about as much fashion knowledge as my dog Ninja so it’s very possible that the sandal thing isn’t even a thing.

You have questions and I have answers!

Have you ever had one of those moments with a friend where the two of you sit back and say,

“You know what would be cool? We should make a TV show about how Lego minifigs come to life at night and there is a Romeo and Juliet kind of dynamic between the City Lego minifigs and the Kingdoms Lego minifigs. And we should have Anthony Hopkins be the King of the Kingdoms Lego just like he was the King in First Knight. Yea, that would be awesome.”

This is, sort of but not really, exactly what happened between Adam Scott of Parks and Recreation and Jon Hamm of Mad Men. Except instead of making a movie out of Lego minifigs they decided to recreate the title sequence to the somewhat popular 80’s show, Simon and Simon starring Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker. Apparently when you have the money and the means, an email conversation back and forth can become The Greatest Event in Television History.

“But I missed it!” you might cry. Do not fret my child, the internet will always provide. I present to you, The Greatest Event in Television History.

Ok, so the video has been removed, but you can still watch it at Adult Swim – CLICK HERE 

So…. was it as amazing as you thought it’d be? For me, yes. I am a huge fan of ridiculous and pointless. I’ve said for years that I would be the perfect audience member for America’s Funniest (Home) Videos. I will laugh at almost anything. The more pointless it is, the more entertaining I usually find it. So yes, I found the Greatest Event in Television History to be quite entertaining. Not to mention, some of my favorite actors made appearances- Paul Scheer as the protester and the always incredible Kathryn Hahn as the dance teacher.

I think the biggest question on peoples minds now is- how accurate was it? Again, the internet will provide.

Watch this and you be the judge:

Amazing! No seriously, that is actually pretty damn close. We could quibble about the color of Jon Hamm’s shirt in the “water in the boot” scene and suggest that Adam Scott perhaps do a few more of those pull ups, but that would just be petty. Not to mention I am so not in a place to make a comment on the physical fitness of another person.

Overall, I think we need more random but entertaining things in our lives. Something that serves no purpose but to sit back and say, “Well done sirs, well done.”

If you did just that, then this next bit of news will be of particular interest. It seems that Adam Scott and his wife, Naomi, have formed their own production company called Gettin’ Rad Productions. They announced this along with the news that due to the success of The Greatest Event in Television History, they have signed on to do three more specials with Adult Swim. Not only that but they have optioned Chuck Klosterman’s first novel, Downtown Owl. Things are busy in Adam Scott’s world.

But that’s not all! The long-awaited Party Down movie apparently has actors on board and even the money. Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan look to reprising their roles as Henry and Casey. All I know is if this happens, I will camp out at the theater to make sure I get in to see it. I don’t even care if I’m the only person there, it is going to happen. I have watched every episode of Party Down a thousand times and I will be crushed if the movie doesn’t come to fruition. CRUSHED!

You would think that would be all. You would be wrong. If you are a Parks and Recreation fan, especially if you are a fan who frequents internet sites concerning the show, you might have seen this picture at some point.

Philly Justice- the show that wasn’t, but still was, and yet wasn’t…. but it was? Amy Poehler explains it much better than I.

Why mention this? Here’s the thing- Dylan McDermott tweeted earlier- “PHILLY JUSTICE! COMING SOON ON FUNNY OR DIE!!!” Seems as if Philly Justice will live again, for the first time.

That is a lot of news, in a little bit of space. Time to watch The Greatest Event in Television History again. Here’s hoping Jon Hamm doesn’t die this time.

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