Transformers 4: News-A-Pooloza

Don’t call it a comeback reboot. Even though Michael Bay has said that the next incarnation of Transformers will not be a reboot, but rather a continuation, it’s looking quite a bit like a reboot. The only thing listed in the “not a reboot” column is apparently they are not restarting the story, rather they are just advancing ahead in the future four years after the end of Dark of the Moon. Everything else? Up for grabs.

Walhberg and Bay on set of ‘Pain and Gain’

Perhaps the biggest news is that Mark Wahlberg is going to star in the fourth go round, no more Shia LeBeouf. In a move that is equally awesome and frightening, Michael Bay listened to the internet. Earlier in the year there were rumors that Mark Wahlberg was attached to Transformers 4. Michael Bay comes out and “squashed” the rumors only to later post on his blog, saying that the rumors got him thinking and lo and behold, Mark Wahlberg. I’m sure this isn’t the first time someone in Hollywood has taken internet rumors and made them happen (although I can’t think of an example off the top of my head), but perhaps this is the biggest name it’s happened to? I suppose it’s nice to have the feeling like we, the members of the internet, have a voice and somewhat control of movie destiny, but by the same token… what happens when Michael Bay thinks lolcats are an equally good idea?

Okay so it probably wouldn’t be that bad, but when it comes to good ideas, the internet comments section is not really where I’d first turn.

I liked you Mickey

In addition to Mark Wahlberg, Bay is looking to cast two newcomers to play Wahlberg’s daughter and her “race car driving boyfriend”. Before Wahlberg was confirmed for the project, it was starting to sound quite a  bit like Transformers (1) with its relatively unknown teenage/young adult stars. Instead it appears that Wahlberg and his so far unknown daughter will be the main story line, with the boyfriend tagging along for the ride. In my head, it’s playing out like The 9th Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Mickey Smith. Needless to say, that would not help all this reboot talk. Especially given the fact that Bay has mentioned that perhaps this new film will not be confined to just Earth. If John Barrowman shows up on a cast list, I’ll fully expect to see a Dalek robot. Do not disappoint me Michael Bay.

Speaking of robots, there will be new ones in Transformers 4! Why? Well duh, it’s because everyone loves new robots and is losing sleep over wondering what their backstories are and what they’ll “transform” from and what color they will be… or, it’s because the toy sales sort of sucked for the last movie. Oh yes, in today’s world of constant cross-promotion and consumerism, the toy sales of one movie are having a direct impact on the story and characters of another. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t also a bit sad.

A textbook example of cross-promotion would be Michael Bay’s teaming up with Doritos. By now, everyone knows about Doritos contest to film a Super Bowl commercial. They’ve been doing it for years now and honestly, they’ve gotten some good spots from the contest. This year they’ve upped the ante that not only will the winner’s spot be aired during the Super Bowl but they’ll get a chance to “help” Michael Bay in the filming of Transformers 4. It hasn’t been specified what exactly that help would entail but they’d be given a chance to have a pretty good look at the filming process of a Hollywood blockbuster, a chance that anyone interested in film making at all should jump all over, no matter what the job they are given.

At the end of the day it isn’t Doritos or Hasbro toys that have brought Michael Bay back to the Transformers world after he was ready to leave it in his rear view. No that would be money, I mean passion. I guess when you go and see people standing for hours in line to experience the “Transformers 3-D” ride at Universal Studios, all of a sudden you realize that you don’t want anyone else to take over your “baby”. I’m not going the doubt the man’s integrity here but it’s not like we are dealing with something along the lines of War and Peace. Bay has put together three movies that basically is just choreographed explosions and CGI fight scenes. There’s not a whole lot of story involved, you could probably lose the bare bones plot, be left with fighting explosions, and it would still be a blockbuster. People like explosions, no denying that, but I’m not sure if there are many who would think of the Transformers movies as a pet project.

However, motive doesn’t really matter because Michael Bay is already on board with Transformers 4. Casting is underway, Peter Cullen is back as Optimus Prime, production is slated to begin sometime in 2013, and the studio is still sticking to their June of 2014 release date. I’m sure there will be plenty more news between now and then, but that’s all there is for now!

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