Ghostbusters 3: Rumors Still Floating About Bill Murray Being on Board… is reporting that Bill Murray is now back on board for Ghostbusters 3 after years of saying he was not. Harold Ramis spoke to and said:

[quote] “It was kind of crazy. Just out of nowhere, I get a phone call from Bill at almost three in the morning… and he simply said, ‘Yeah, Ok, I’m in!'[/quote]

Co-Writer Paul Horner has also said this

[quote]“Word through the grapevine was that Murray enjoyed reading our script that was passed along to him a few months ago. As for if he was going to be a part of it, well that was the million-dollar question. The writers, the cast, the fans… Everyone is truly excited for this to have finally all come together.”[/quote]

ghostbusters 3 bill is back

So how does everyone feel about this? I just wish they would make their mind up to be honest. It would be amazing news that Bill might want to be back in the grays and strap on his photon pack one more time. I just don’t know if I actually believe this or not. How many times have we seen articles like this since the Ghostbuster 3 news was announced? Two? Three? 458? I have lost count. Call me a pessimist, but I will truly believe it when I actually see set shots.

Bill is a bit of a cheeky chap when it comes to committing to this and the great news is that he actually approves of the script so at least you would think he will be happy doing it. Now what us Ghostbuster‘s fans want to know is has this script got the magic form the first film? It has been a long time since Ghostbusters 2 came out and even longer since the first one. Can the team get it together, can they make us believe that busting makes us feel good. I certainly hope so, and this is a step in the right direction for sure.

For anyone wondering if  Bill can still fire up the pack, just rewatch the classic scene from Zombieland or at the 2010 Scream awards and watch Bill at work….

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