Review of E4’s Misfits – 4.08, Season Finale

Welcome back to Misfits and you join us at the season finale. After a pretty dull episode last week where the main plot points included Rudy meeting a nun and Alex finding his penis, I was hoping to see something a little bit more entertaining, or at least something that would stop me falling to sleep in front of the telly. Well I got what I asked for, but not as much as I would have liked.

MisfitsThe episode focuses on Rudy meeting his nun lover Nadine, who he tracks down to the nunnery. She decides to kick him out of her life, which roughly lasts about 10 seconds as she ditches the nun routine and goes and shacks up with him soon after. While all this is going on we have Alex, fully restored in the trouser area and a complete arse, he struts around this episode like a peacock showing his feathers and ends up bedding another woman. Finn does his usual pinning for Jess and has a bit of sex with Abbey, just to see if she likes it – spoiler, it’s not really her cup of tea. It all ends with Rudy and the group trying to protect Nadine from the four horsemen, a group of hooded BMX samurais which Nadine has created from her own mind as part of a fight against the guilt she feels about her own sins (which I am guessing is mostly to do with sleeping with Rudy). It all ends on a sad note when one character is stabbed and another is killed off.


For a season finale this episode should have stolen the show, it should have exploded onto our screens and got us begging for a new series. In all honesty it just kind of fades away into a very predictable and slightly disappointing end. This episode is all about rejection and pain, each character gets their chance to show how much they are hurting, whether that’s actually interesting to the viewer at home seems kind of irrelevant at this point as the last few episodes have become full of this whining. Without the scenes with everyone bitching and moaning at each other, this episode would be about 20 minutes long and would just be scenes of Rudy getting off with Nadine. I can see that the basis behind this choice, to make everyone depressed early on makes their team up and defense of Nadine that much more powerful, but again it comes off as kind of dull.

Would it kill you to have a little Christian f****ng dick?
Would it kill you to have a little Christian compassion…you f****ng dick?

The interaction between all the characters in this episode is pretty much how it has unraveled for the last few episodes, generic and tiresome. Finn is mad at Jess, Jess is mad at Alex then Finn, Abbey is trying to get a personality and failing and Rudy is all over the place. The relationship between Jess and Alex is still as boring as can be. Even with Alex’s new character trait as arsehole of the year, he is still the weakest character of the bunch.


When Alex gets stabbed there is no emotional feelings from the viewer at all; because he is so dull you just do not care. In fact I think the only reason he was kept alive is so they can give him a power via this lung transplant he is having. Hopefully this will inject some kind of character into him as he sorely needs it. If he had died in this episode it would have made more sense to the story. As it stands it is poor Nadine who has to die, as she is the only character expendable at this point. I am not sure how I feel about her death. Though Rudy becomes a very mixed character when she is around, veering from awesome funny Rudy to incredible repetitive and tiresome Rudy, she did seem like an interesting character or had the workings of one and they did have some really touching scenes together. Just think what her power could have supplied to the show if she had managed to forgive whatever sins she had on her conscience and control it? This would have added some extra power to next series. But no she is killed off as you would expect. I doubt this will do anything profound to Rudy’s character arc either. If Alex had died at least we may have had a guilt ridden Jess getting together with Finn for all the wrong reasons or her turning all emo, either move could have injected some much-needed personality to them. With Nadine’s death it just seems that Rudy will forget about all this next series and nothing will have changed.


misfits s4 ep 8 nadine

Rudy Dance 1

There were some interesting scenes that popped up to break up all the sour faces. Greg’s passionate speech about lost love and how the pain feels was fun. Greg is a nice distraction throughout this series, though aside from the fact he has lost his true love and it has made him very angry, his story remains untold. Maybe next series we will get some more information. The group actually make a joke about their lack of power use and a great scene follows in the nunnery where they actually use their powers, something I have waited for all series. Character development was put before powers in this series, so it was great to end on a rescue mission with super powers.

Finn manages to make his power work more aggressively, something which was fun to see, but not as much fun as watching him strain until he bleeds to unlock a door. The fact that his powers were a bit rubbish and needs so much attention always made me chuckle. Now it seems he may be more of a power house. With the power induced bleeding, my guess is that we will see a Finn episode where his powers start Rudy Dance 2to kill him in some way. Watch this space to see if I was right or not.

Nadine I found to be an absolute delight in every scene she was in, she seemed cheeky but innocent and bounced off nervous Rudy really well.

Abbey revealed a bit more about herself to us (and even more to Finn when she slept with him). I do not like the amnesia angle, but I do like her casual approach to life and the fact she is so disconnected from any emotional feeling. I am sure this device of her having to sleep with people to find out if she likes them will be utilized in the future. It also leads to a pretty gross out gag involving bodily fluids that I am just too mild-mannered to mention!

Abbey - That's Awkward

This episode really centered more on giving our Misfit crew a build up for the new series. Rudy has had an experience he never dreamed of, Alex may have a new power, Abbey recovers a memory, and Finn gets a power boost. As a stand alone episode it was fun and had some nice comedy moments. Though it dragged in some parts, it was certainly better than the awful episode of last week. As an end of series episode however, it just did not gel together well enough for it to truly feel like a great season send off. Most of the new characters are still very wishy washy and do not have the punch of the original cast. Throughout this series we have seen the writers constantly trying to make the new cast work. They have made it so I actually find them interesting to watch, but caring about them is another issue. I just do not get that emotional connection with any of them.

Finn gets little character boosts every now and again and he has grown from starting out as a real annoying loser, to a quite funny if still slightly annoying loser by the end. Jess who started out quite fun has actually turned quite boring with her relationship with Alex just dragging her down and giving her nothing to do other than seem mad half the time. Alex has only had one great scene in the entire series (when he gets his member back) and has struggled to really get any response at all. Every scene with him in drags and if his shy guy act seemed dull to you, then his jerk act was not much better either. With his lung punctured I expect him to be back to shy guy Alex when the new series arrives. Abbey I think will be fun in the next series if the awful amnesia angle she has got does not drag her character down too much. Greg is just Greg, angry with sage like advice every now and again, he is Yoda mixed with the Incredible Hulk but character-wise he is not much more. Still at least he is always fun to watch.

Angry Greg

Even the old guard have suffered in this series. Curtis tried to carry on, but seemed lost and his greatest moment came when he was killed off. At least he showed up. Kelly was not seen at all and her absence had to be explained by Seth who popped up in two episodes for continuity purposes, but looked really bored in the episodes he was in.  The shining light in this entire series is Rudy, who has ploughed though each episode with such gusto he more than makes up for the other characters short comings. But even his character decides to get weepy and boring at the end, but it is only a few episodes so nothing too much to worry about. Something that did concern me about this series was little power use and not enough Rudy 2, one of the key characters from the last series who is always a joy to watch. In conclusion Misfits series 4 was a time of change, with a whole new cast taking on a very big task of trying to entertain us as much as the original Misfit crew did. Did they manage to do it? A little bit! Overall it was an average series with some flairs of genius bogged down with quite boring episodes. But this is still better than a bad series and there has been enough excitement and interest to entice me back when the new series arrives. How long I will stay watching however is a question I am unable to answer at this time. Hopefully the new crew will be given some new and more exciting adventures in the series to come.

grizzly rating 3of5

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