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Game of Thrones Promo: 3.10 – ‘Mhysa’

Red wedding, red wedding, red wedding!!!!!

Have you been able to lift your jaw from the floor yet? Caught your breath? Come around to conscious thought? Well I hope so because now it’s time for the Game of Thrones season finale, Mhysa, promo.

It’s probably best that there’s a week between episodes because it appears as if we’ll need every second to recover from ‘The Rains of Castamere’ and brace ourselves for ‘Mhysa’.

In the meantime, why don’t we just take a journey back to the beginning of the Game of Thrones story. These clips are extras from the Game of Thrones DVD’s and are not only informative, but also the sketches are really beautiful. Enjoy!

You can find the rest of the videos here. Happy viewing and remember to check back in for our ‘The Rains of Castamere’ review!

Arrow: 1.23 – Sacrifice (Season Finale)

So last week we left off with Oliver getting his ass handed to him by Malcolm Merlyn. ‘Sacrifice’ picks up shortly thereafter with Oliver semi-hanging from the rafters as Malcolm circles him in a threatening manner.


Ooooh, look at Oliver getting all bad ass, threatening Merlyn and all that. Of course, as Merlyn pointed out – he may be younger, and he may be stronger, but twice now Oliver has gotten his ass kicked by a man old enough to be his father. Hmmm, that doesn’t not bode well for your superhero career.  Amazingly, he has better luck against a man who is surrounded by an army and surface to air missiles! Granted on the island he has both Shado (who, unsurprisingly, can reprogram the aforementioned surface to air missiles) and Slade Wilson, but still he took out Fyers’ entire army! Okay, okay, he used a missile but still! I feel like I’m trying to give Oliver a lot of credit here and perhaps I’m trying a bit too hard so let’s move on to the real story of this finale.

As we found out in past episodes, Malcolm plans on taking out the Glades with a “seismic event”. Of course no one but the people involved in the undertaking and the Arrow Crew know about it. Obviously, much like Oliver being the vigilante, this is a secret that just can’t stay secret.


Before Oliver and Laurel had a tender moment perfectly squared by the incoming sunlight, I couldn’t help but notice that Moira was packing up Walter’s things. NOOOOO!!!!! Say it isn’t so! I thought they’d work it out in the end but maybe next season? Please make this happen writers, even if she’s in jail. Oooh, Walter could come visit Moira and they could have heartfelt discussions through the glass. That’d be nice.

Oh, before we move on to the whole blowing up part of the city and the aftermath therein, let’s revel in this moment.


Not only has your ex-best friend lied to you about being a vigilante in a hood, stole your girlfriend, and just told you that your father is going to blow up part of your city, then he goes and makes you look like a fool by effortlessly dodging your punch.

That’s gotta hurt. Of course it doesn’t help that Tommy then heads off to talk to his dad, refer to Oliver’s ridiculous jihadist accusations only to then get his ass kicked by his dad who seems really unhinged this episode. Of course if I were planning on causing an earthquake to take down an entire part of a major city, I’d probably be a bit on edge as well.


Oh Malcolm, you troubled soul you. You need some psychological intervention. I’m not a professional but I’d have to imagine that constantly reliving your wife’s death by listening to her die over and over probably isn’t very healthy. Granted this makes for great television viewing but still, yikes.


So Malcolm is devolving and Moira is finally sprouting some cajones and speaking out about Malcolm’s plan. She couldn’t have done that before the timer was set to go off I suppose. Safety of her family and all that. But now she’s ready to take the risk and what better way to assure not only will the police, but the man hell-bent on killing anyone in his way will hear what you have to say? A press conference in your living room of course.

Again Thea and her ridiculousness never fail, because hearing her mother admit to being part of this plan and the reason her father died, the first thing she thinks of? Her felon boyfriend. Girls. Am I right? [Ed. – The fact that Thea assumes Roy is too dumb to leave the Glades along with EVERYONE else is telling. Stupid Thea.]


Dear residents of the Glades – I have a bone to pick with you. I’m not totally sure of the timeline here as it was a little vague, but at most there’s a couple of hours in between the announcement that your neighborhood is going to disappear into the ground and it actually happening. Call me crazy, but my first thought would not have been to bust out the posterboard and sharpies and make signs about the end of the world. Unless you just have these hanging around for a everyday use, this seems like a horrible waste of time. Perhaps if you managed your time more wisely you wouldn’t have to be running around in the streets like a chicken with your heads cut off. Just a thought.


The rest of the episode was cutbacks between the panicked people of the Glades, a pretty kick ass fight scene between Oliver and Malcolm, and Felicity talking Detective Lance through disarming the device. I actually loved Detective Lance in this part because you could tell he was panicked, you could tell he was nervous, but at the same time he was so giddy and pleased with himself when he shut it down. Paul Blackthorne really has done a great job as the crotchety detective trying to piece his life back together after his daughter died and wife left. He’s been a pleasure to watch which is why I got really nervous that he was going to go down with the ship.

I don’t know if the people at Arrow kept it under wraps or if I just missed the news, but I was totally taken by surprise by Tommy dying. When Oliver moved the chunk of concrete I gasped when I saw the rebar through his chest. Kudos to Stephen Amell and Colin Donnell because that last scene was very emotional and very well done.


Overall, this was a fantastic finale. I might go out on a limb and say it was one of the best season finales I’ve seen in quite some time. The cliffhangers were organic, the story line didn’t seem forced which happens a lot with big dramatic scenes. For a network that is often seen as “not as good”, Arrow and The CW knocked it out of the park. I’m going to have to go even further out on the limb and give it a five out of five.

grizzly rating 5of5

A fantastic season finale to wrap up a great first season of Arrow! It’s been a great ride and I look forward to seeing what season two has in store.

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Finale – “Welcome to the Tombs”

In the beginning of this, the mother of all finales, the Governor is beating the living hell out of Milton. They go into the room where Andrea is being kept and when the Governor tells Milton he isn’t leaving the room until he kills Andrea, he tries to kill the Governor. Obviously, because the Governor is a pro at evading death, he immediately turns the knife over onto Milton and explains that now he is going to die, and he is going to turn, and then he will tear the flesh from Andrea’s bones. Either he kills her or he dies, or he dies and then kills her.

Walking Dead

Back at the prison everyone is seemingly packing up to go. When the Woodbury crew invades the prison, they notice that no one is immediately around. Tyreese and Sasha stayed back at the town to protect the children and citizens. When they began going deeper into the prison, the emergency alarm is set off and there are flash bombs everywhere, forcing them outside. Once outside, Glenn and Maggie, in full body armor, start shooting out the Governor’s men.

Walking Dead  Walking Dead

Walking Dead  Walking Dead

They immediately retreat, but leave behind the kid with asthma, who should not have been on their defense crew in the first place. The kid stumbles across Carl and Hershel hiding out in the woods, and while the kid is handing over his weapon, Carl shoots him in the head. Hershel brings this concern up to Rick.

Walking Dead  Walking Dead

Once on the road, the Governor makes his crew pull over. Some of his people try to explain that they believe they aren’t soldiers, and that they walked into a slaughter. The Governor turns on his own people and opens fire, sparing only his two most trusted men, and unknowingly, one of the women.

Walking Dead

Back at Woodbury, Milton passed and started to turn. The door is closed, and last we see in this scene, Milton as a walker starts going toward Andrea, who is armed with only a wrench, and is still tied up.

Rick, Michonne and Daryl go after the Governor, but stumble across the pile of dead/undead Woodbury men he left behind. The one woman who was then locked in a car, got out and lead the group to Woodbury. Rick explained to Tyreese and Sasha, who were guarding the wall, that they initially went there to end everything, but then came across what the Governor did to his own people. They then began looking for Andrea, and find her in the corner of a room with Milton dead. Andrea then reveals her shoulder, which was torn apart by Milton. She asks to be the one to shoot herself while she still can.

Walking Dead

Rick, Michonne and Daryl head back to the prison. When they arrive, they being a little surprise. They bring a bus full of Woodbury citizens with them to come stay at the prison.

For the last 12 minutes of this finale, I had tears either in my eyes, or running down my face. I would like to think that I have become more desensitized to the thought of characters on this show dying off, but it just isn’t true. Andrea has been with us since the very beginning. She has been through a lot since the beginning; having to put her sister down, going on runs, helping protect the group, being stuck in a group of two on the run all winter, and then acting folly under the Governor’s spell. I complained a lot about Andrea this season, mostly because of how she seemed dizzy with unmerited optimism, and blinded by the charms of a man who she knew was shady. She was a strong character in this show for so long. I am really going to miss Andrea.

This was a very strong season for The Walking Dead. We have lost some great characters, but we have also gained some. We lost Lori, but we gained Judith. We lost Andrea, but we got some Woodbury citizens. We lost Merle, but to be fair we had just gotten him back this season. We lost T-Dog, but we gained Tyreese and Sasha. Overall, season 3 has been extremely emotional, very frustrating, shocking, devastating and perfect. I have to say that this has been my favorite season so far. I award the finale a 4.5/5

grizzly rating 4-5of5

Review of E4’s Misfits – 4.08, Season Finale

Welcome back to Misfits and you join us at the season finale. After a pretty dull episode last week where the main plot points included Rudy meeting a nun and Alex finding his penis, I was hoping to see something a little bit more entertaining, or at least something that would stop me falling to sleep in front of the telly. Well I got what I asked for, but not as much as I would have liked.

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Dexter: Season 6 Finale – “This is the Way the World Ends”- SPOILERS AHEAD

The season finale for Dexter begins where the last episode left off; Dexter is in the lake where Travis left him. Lucky for Dex, a boat full of Cubans fleeing to America pull up and fish him out of the water, thus saving him from impending doom. Shortly after this, the boat’s captain decides to rob his passengers and Dexter is forced to harpoon him and dump the body overboard. Then, as the boat gets near the coast, they all abandon ship and swim up to the shore. USA! USA!

Dexter calls Jamie to pick him up and she has Harrison with her. Seeing the little man walking now is so crazy! Seems like just yesterday he was crying in a pool of Rita’s blood…

Travis is clearly getting a little impatient with his ending the world. He is yelling at dead bodies and braking random coffee tables (which breaks my heart, because I have yet to buy coffee tables for my house). Deb goes to visit Dexter because she was worried. They get called to a crime scene which is the house Travis was in, the dead couple still lying on the floor. Seeing Deb all hot and bothered by Dexter makes me laugh out loud. She is stumbling over her words and breathing all heavy when he walks by her. I understand… although it is creepy for her to want him growing up as his sister, he is the sexiest man she is around on a regular basis. As Travis pulls up to the house and sees that it is overrun by Miami Metro, he goes to Dexter’s home.

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South Park: Season 15, Episode 14 – “The Poor Kid”

Yesterday, Comedy Central aired the South Park Season 15 Finale. For those of you who may have missed it, here is a little recap:

In the beginning of this episode, Kenny’s family is fighting while he is watching an episode of “White Trash in Trouble”. He sees that his house is being raided by the TV show. Kenny’s parents are taken to jail, and the kids interviewed by Child Protective Services, who puts them with a foster family. Kenny and his brother and sister get sent to a strict agnostic home full of other foster children.

Butters and Cartman investigate into who is the poorest kid in school is now that Kenny is gone, which turns out to be Cartman.

The agnostic man of the house is absolutely hilarious. They are not to take the lord’s name in vein just in case he exists, and their house motto is full of uncertainties. It had me cracking up.The prayer at the dinner table was my favorite part. Another favorite part is that while in the agnostic household, all they drink is Dr. Pepper, because there is no certainty of what it actually is. Not quite root beer… not quite cola.

Cartman and Kenny begin attending a new school. Cartman did an extremely long song and dance number, with over 40 yo’ mama jokes in it, to make fun of the poorest kid in school.

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