Pinterest: Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Geek in your Life

Well the last night of Hanukkah has passed us by and Christmas is coming up shortly, so if you haven’t bought your friends and family gifts yet, then join the club! We here at Grizzly Bomb recognize that there are those who wait until the last possible minute to buy gifts so we’ve compiled another list of gift ideas, ones that you might be able to throw together from things already in your house. Good luck!

cashmere taxidermy

It’s probably best to start off with this one because I imagine it will take some time. She also has Lego taxidermy instructions on her site which might be even cooler. Actually what the coolest would be is if you could somehow get a squirrel mold and make an argyle sock taxidermy squirrel. Just saying, that would look fantastic on my bookshelf.

vintage toysThis would be a kickass gift for anyone you know who collects action figures. A little caveat: this would not be a great idea for someone who collects action figures that are worth anything. Please don’t go unboxing some rare figurine because you think it would look awesome in a glass display case, that would ruin Christmas forever for that person. Okay maybe not forever, but this year for sure. But for all those other random “dolls” sitting around? This would be perfect.

Four words: Stan Lee Spoon Puppet. No really. It’s a Stan Lee spoon puppet. I’m tempted to do this myself but what if my husband has made me one to put under the tree? That sound you hear is an entire universe laughing at such a preposterous notion so I guess I’ll just have to make my own. Merry Christmas to me!

Barbie Weeping AngelThis would equally freak out and delight any Doctor Who fan. Any gift that holds the potential for terror? That’s a winner in my book. That and you get to transform a boring Barbie into something awesome, bonus.

Lego ring

Have a special someone on your list that you still haven’t bought a gift for? Well you suck, but don’t despair because you could easily make them a piece of jewelry they will treasure for the rest of their lives! Okay, on second thought, maybe you should just make this for someone who is only sort of special. If you’ve got a girl (or guy) who is expecting to see a ring under the tree, one of those lifetime commitment type of rings, this might not be your best bet. However, if it’s your sister and she loves Lego, this would be great. Then again, maybe you just want to send a gift to your favorite Grizzly Bomb writer… just a thought.

breaking bad meth

The person who pinned this originally called it “kryptonite” and I suppose it could be seen as that but I think we all know this is actually the crystal meth used in Breaking Bad. This would be a great stocking stuffer for that TV fan in your life. You might not have the little baggies floating around the house, so go ahead and make a big baggie full. No one will complain, I assure you. While this recipe calls for vanilla, apparently you would need cotton candy flavoring to make it truly authentic. Again, no one is going to complain and if they do, don’t be friends with them anymore.

Superhero masks

Have little people on your list that you need something for at the last moment? It doesn’t get much cuter than this. Bust out some felt, some elastic, and a sewing machine (although the blogger does say you can use craft glue- even easier!) and in just a little bit of time, you’ve got a collection of superhero masks any child, and a lot of adults for that matter, would love to wear to a Christmas dinner!

So there you have it, just a few ideas to help you finish out that shopping list. Good luck and have a fantastic holiday!

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