Star Trek Into Darkness: New Trailer & More Mystery Surrounding Cumberbatch

There’s been rampant speculation about Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain from Star Trek Into Darkness lately. Enough to drive a lot of people mad with the myriad theories, guesses, rudimentary evidences and inferences taken from brief shots from the teaser trailer released last week. Well it’s time to add fuel to that nerdy fire, because the first full teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has debuted, and it does more or less what the first teaser did, while playing up the villain aspect of the story more.

Is it just me, or does that first part with Captain Pike admonishing/warning Kirk come off like a bit… Superman-ly? It sounds very similar to the old Superman Returns teaser, with Jor-El narrating to Superman about who he could become and the worth he had and whatnot.

Of course they’re expressing opposite ideologies, one is a warning, and the other is an encouragement, but the intonation and cadence, along with the specific words said is similar. Moreover it seems to be really driving home the idea that Kirk has made some mistake, overlooked some detail, and it’s coming back to bite him in the ass via this new villain.

Which brings us to just who the villain is, anyway? I’ve previously speculated that I think it’s a double bluff for Gary Mitchell, and the teaser was there to make us think it’s Khan. Then again there’s been lots of what I’ll call misinformation and rumors spreading to keep us all guessing. That’s JJ Abram’s schtick really, and to be fair it works for him. A good example of this “misinformation” is the recent press blurb that identified Benedict Cumberbatch’s character as somebody named “John Harrison”. Researching that name leads yet another connection to Khan, as he was apparently a crew member who nearly suffocated when Khan took over the Enterprise in the TOS episode Space Seed. It seems to me like things are pointing more and more to it being Khan, which again lends credence to my theory about the whole thing being a big double bluff to hide Gary Mitchell. It really makes the whole thing confusing, and the reports of it being Gary Mitchell, or John Harrison, Or Khan, or some other new villain all contradict each other. The maddening thing is they could all be true in one way or another, depending on how the movie turns out. With the new timeline, all old things can be made new again, and who knows if it’s going to be a new character entirely, or perhaps some strange amalgamation character, and now Khan has Gary Mitchell-God Powers and goes by John Harrison.

Cumberbatch in Star Trek

In fact, I’m hedging my bets on that one. So far all we know for sure is that the character or Carol Marcus is in the film, who we know ends up being Kirk’s love interest, ends up having his kid, and of course, creates the Genesis Device, which was the big macguffin of which all of Star Trek 2: Wrath Of Khan was based. Aside from that though, we know Cumberbatch is a villain, and he’s pissed. Isn’t that all we need at the end of the day really?

That and an angry Khan with Gary Mitchell-God Powers. That sounds pretty awesome.

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