Rumor Report! What’s in Store for the Hulk in Marvel’s Phase 3?

A lot of components came together and brought their best to the table when last summers explosive hit The Avengers finally arrived in theaters. There were some great moments from the team and the rest of the cast, but one that stood out was the new approach to the Hulk, who had already gone through two somewhat disappointing films to get to the Avengers.

We are now entering Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which brings us sequels to all the main players and the team with no mention of the Hulk. Even the new possible franchise Guardians of the Galaxy gets to be a part of Phase 2, presumably leaving the green guy in the dust until Avengers 2. Mark Ruffalo is signed on to 6 films, so it’s obvious we would expect some features centered on Hulk to come sooner rather than later. Well, that seems to be the case according to the latest scoop from Latino-Review’s El Mayimbe. Be warned, there are some serious potential SPOILERS below, so if you’re going to whine about it later, STOP READING. And definitely don’t watch this video from EM explaining everything.

rumor-report-whats-in-store-for-the-hulk-in-marvels-phase-3-planet-hulkIf you didn’t feel like watching the video, I’ll explain it all here. According to EM, Hulk will reprise his role in Avengers 2, and throughout that film we will see the formation of the MCU’s version of the Illuminati, a group of heroes that make some important decisions that affect the fate of the planet in various ways. One of these decisions sends the dangerous and unpredictable Hulk off-planet, exiling him in space. This presumably would happen at the end of Avengers 2, and be picked up in a Hulk solo movie based off of the Planet Hulk storyline written by Greg Pak.

Planet Hulk was one of the best Hulk stories of the last few decades, and led to some serious repercussions in the Marvel U. While stranded on an alien planet, Hulk fights for his life against the planet’s inhabitants, becoming a Gladiator, a Rebel, and eventually their King. The storyline was full of smashing and Hulk awesomeness, and even led to Hulk getting married and fathering a child! This would make for a pretty spectacular Hulk film the likes of which he have never seen, and leads into the second part of this rumor.

El Mayimbe goes on to explain what this means for Avengers 3, which would be based off of the huge World War Hulk storyline. During World War Hulk, a vengeful Hulk returns from the planet he was exiled to (which was destroyed), with an army following his lead as he takes his revenge on the Avengers who shipped him off into space (who he presumes destroyed his planet). He kicks a whole lot of ass and it was a pretty decent end to the Planet Hulk saga. The possibilities are endless when we start getting into this line of thinking, and really quite exciting. To me, the most exciting part is the potential for the solo Hulk movie.

We have already seen 2 Hulk movies now, both of which never really grasped the best part of the Hulk, although The Incredible Hulk came pretty close. But with the stellar version we’ve seen in The Avengers and the dedication behind the Marvel Studios characters, not to mention Ruffalo’s contract, I think the Planet Hulk movie would be one of the most enjoyable renditions of the Hulk yet to be put on film.

Planet Hulk was already made into an animated feature, and while not perfect, it was easily one of the best Marvel Animated features to be released. And bridging the story out to encompass the main conflict of Avengers 3 just further proves that Marvel has really set a new standard for developing the MCU, and as a lifelong Marvel fan I couldn’t be more excited.

Of course, this is still just a rumor. What do you think? Is Planet Hulk the right direction for a solo Hulk movie? What about the rumored plans for Avengers 3? Sound off in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “Rumor Report! What’s in Store for the Hulk in Marvel’s Phase 3?”

  1. Awesome! However, I am hoping that more of the Marvel universe, including the Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange,manor the Submariner & others are in the MCU by the time this happens! It would make for more of a complete EPIC!


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