Alex Garland’s ‘Ex Machina’ Sounds Fascinating, Looks Sexy

I’ve long had a love/hate relationship with robots. On one hand I love them, I want them around to serve and accomplish the menial tasks around me that I don’t want to physically perform. They’re helpful in that way, and at their best they’re probably the most beneficial thing to humanity there could be. On the other hand, they tend to always run into that whole creator vs created, synthetic/organic problem as is so often encountered and philosophized about in Science Fiction.

It gets weirder when you start thinking about them as actual things with wants and needs of their own, and thus comes the REAL dilemma with robots. Basically, it’s never a good idea to make them sexy. The second you make a sexy, human-like F***-Bot capable of doing things a human never could or would, you’re enabling the darkest aspects of man, and more or less encouraging the death of all humanity. What man wouldn’t rather spend all of his life with his immortal, eternally beautiful sex-bot in a holodeck of his dreams, having basically every possible desire fulfilled at his whim?

I know I would.

Ahem, so that’s why I think robots shouldn’t be sexy, but moreso it’s why the recent announcement of Ex Machina has me intrigued.

[box_light]“A billionaire programmer who handpicks a young employee to spend a week at his remote estate and participate in a test involving his latest invention: an artificially intelligent female robot.”[/box_light]

via [Bloody-Disgusting]

Ex Machina
A sexy robot?

So maybe now you see where I was getting at, and not being just a weirdly delusional pervert. I mean, I am a weirdly delusional pervert, but f*** you for judging me. Sorry. Anyhow, the movie itself is an interesting concept made even more interesting by the fact that it’s written and going to be directed by Alex Garland, who you may know from his previous work on 28 Days Later and recently Dredd. The guy’s also behind one of my favorite SF films of all time, Sunshine; a movie so underrated and under appreciated I recommend you go out and watch it right now without knowing anything else about it.Ex Machina

This being Garland’s first time directing I’m pretty stoked to see how he’ll handle his own material for the first time. If his scripts for everything else he’s been a part of are any indication, it’ll be pretty damned amazing. The film itself is gonna be shot either this summer or fall, and is budgeted for about $15 million dollars, and has no relation to the Brian K. Vaughn comic or the anime series of the same name. Now you know everything everyone else does about the movie so far. Except for sex bots. Sex bots are such an interesting thing.

Then again I could be projecting this entire sex bot thing and it’s all actually just about a thriller about the meaning of what it is to be human and have consciousness. But just look at that picture and tell me you wouldn’t at least TRY to f*** that thing! I guarantee you leave any man in a room with a warm hole long enough and he’ll try to f*** it. Whether or not the movie is a spine tingling thriller or 90 minutes of a pathetic man trying to not violate an animatronic sex bot  is still technically up in the air, but when there’s an update rest assured we’ll let you know.

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