The Walking Dead: 3.14 Prey & 3.15 This Sorrowful Life

3.14 – “Prey”

Prey was an interesting episode. Andrea has become quite an annoying character this season. She has put blinders on and changed before our eyes from total badass to ignorant hussie. In this episode, Andrea begins to redeem herself. When Milton explains the plan that the Governor has to eliminate Rick and his group and shows her his torture chamber, Andrea says that she has to kill him. I didn’t like the transition to wide-eyes Governor groupie to professing murderous intentions. It was very abrupt… like a light bulb went off in her head, like “OH! That must be what everyone kept trying to tell me.” Moron.

Walking Dead Walking Dead

Anyway, she’s back in my good graces after this episode. Almost the entire thing was shown from the eyes of Andrea, following her through her escape from Woodbury and over to the prison. The cat and mouse game between the Governor and Andrea was pretty suspenseful. First, through that abandoned warehouse or factory, and then on the path to the prison. Andrea leaves the Governor for dead in a swarm of walkers coming towards him, and yet he gets out scratch-free. Just as Andrea pulls up to the prison and begins waving to Rick, who only catches something moving out of his peripherals, the Governor tackles her to the ground so that no one can see it is her. He takes her back and straps her into a chair in his little torture dungeon.

Walking DeadWalking Dead

I hate that the Governor is still alive. Not because he’s a douchebag… because he truly is… but because he is always in situations where logically he should be killed. It is unrealistic that so many times, he can stand in the crossfire of a battle smirking and not be hit. Overall, I really liked this episode. It was hard to keep my focus on it at first because I was sure Andrea would find a way to be obnoxious again, but she held it together. I really loved the excitement of the chase!

3.15 – “This Sorrowful Life”

I feel it necessary to begin this with the fact that I believe both Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker should have piles of awards for their perfect performances as the Dixon brothers. They are two incredible actors. Moving forward… this episode begins with Rick having a discussion with Hershel and Daryl about giving Michonne to the Governor. When Rick goes to talk to Merle about doing some of the dirty work, Merle explains to Rick that the Governor is not going to kill the katana-swinging hard ass, he is going to “do things to her”.

Rick decides that they cannot go through with giving Michonne over to the Governor, and has a very heartwarming group discussion about how they are all the greater good, and they need to protect each other. It was sweet. Preceding this talk, Glenn proposed to Maggie, who of course said yes. This was one of the sweeter moments of the show. It is rare that you get a love story in a situation such as this one, even if the ring came from the finger of a lady walker.

Walking Dead

While clearing out a part of the prison, Merle knocks out Michonne and puts a bag over her head, then takes her away from the prison. Of course Rick and the crew thought he was taking her to the Governor, so Daryl went to find them. Of course, Merle had bigger plans. You know… when he was coming back for season 3, I knew there’d be some big reason, I just wasn’t sure whether it would be positive or negative. He lets Michonne out of the car and says there’s something he needs to do on his own.

After this, the eldest Dixon brother has himself some liquor and blares the stereo in a vehicle, attracting a large hoard of walkers. He continues this until the dozens of undead arrive with him at meeting place.

Walking Dead

Merle ducks into a building and through the window, begins shooting our some of the guards protecting the walls of the town. He has the Governor in his sights, and right at the last second, a guard steps in front of him, getting immediately killed, but protecting the Governor from harm.

When the Governor attacks Merle, he bites off two of his fingers from his good hand! The Governor is such a charming man [Ed. – *shakes head*] that it is just incredible to get little reminders of what he is capable of… like biting fingers off of another human being. He shoots Merle, but of course not in the head. Daryl arrives to Woodbury and who is there to greet him but his big brother feasting on the deceased. Daryl, either viciously or mercifully, stabs zombie Merle in the head several times.

Walking Dead Walking Dead

Next week is the season 3 finale of The Walking Dead. I cannot stress enough how excited I am to see that episode. These last two episodes are clearly leading up to something huge. I have loved this show since episode one, but this season has brought so much depth to the characters we thought we knew already, it might just be my favorite season so far.

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