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[SDCC 2019] The Walking Dead Movie Teaser Is Super Short…

Rumored for a while now, today came confirmation of an impending theatrically released film based on AMC’s The Walking Dead, which will seemingly star Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes. Show spoilers ahead…

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New Fear The Walking Dead Trailer Keeps Fans In The Dark

Fans have been eager to hear more about the upcoming Fear The Walking Dead premiere, but the new trailer from AMC isn’t telling them more than they already knew.

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The Walking Dead Promo – 4.09

Well slap butter on my ass and call me a biscuit! If “Too Far Gone” wasn’t one of the most jaw-dropping episodes of The Walking Dead to date, then I don’t know what could top it. Big name deaths, father and son reuniting… just one thing after another. Amazing.

Of course, now we have to sit back and wait until February for a new episode, but thankfully AMC did leave us with a promo to tide us over a bit until episode 9.

Well that does a lot of telling us nothing. Outside of the bit with Carl. He finally stays in the house and now there’s someone (Rick?) he can’t revive in there. Hmmmm… intrigue!

So what did you think of “Too Far Gone”? How will you fill the time between now and February 9th? Let us know down in the comments below!

Walking Dead Season 4 Tease Last Night Makes Us Ask If It’s October Yet

Last night during Low Winter Sun, AMC took the opportunity to tease us with a short scene from The Walking Dead season 4.

The clip doesn’t reveal much in the way of story, but we do get a glimpse at the beefed up prison defenses as well as fan favorite Michonne (Danai Gurira) riding a horse and then getting into a tussle with some walkers as she tries to get back into the prison. A hatless Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) also appear in the clip as they run to her assistance.


Season 4 picks up several months following the Governor’s failed attack at the end of season 3, after which he turned on his own people and disappeared into the distance with his remaining loyal grunts. The Governor is still out there and Rick and his group, now including Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and the remaining Woodbury survivors they took in, are preparing in case he returns as well as any new threats that are on the horizon.

New showrunner Scott Gimple recently warned fans at the San Diego Comic-Con not to get too comfortable with the nature of the threat the walkers or the Governor impose. “They might get a little comfortable, but then things might get a little dangerous,”. We will see the walkers “evolve” and will get a more determined Governor hell-bent on bringing down Rick and the group.


The Walking Dead the TV series is known for taking the comics only as inspiration in terms of themes and season 3 only just started to touch on the levels of depravity and sick natured acts that the Governor displays in the comic series. It will be great to see season 4 continue to amp up the threat of the Governor following his final step into madness at the end of season 3 and cement his place as one of the greatest TV villains. In case you need reminding, The Walking Dead returns Oct. 13 on AMC. Mark them calendars.

Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Live Forever?

Is anyone out there worried that the Walking Dead will end anytime soon? Well forget all of that because much like the Robert Kirkman comic series the show is based on, don’t expect to see the series going anywhere anytime soon. Especially since Breaking Bad will be ending with this next season. Most importantly this is according to a very reliable source, namely the CEO of AMC Josh Sapan. Check out the quote below from him via Superhero Hype:d

“We hope that zombies live forever and we’ve just begun to find out what the post-apocalyptic world is like,” said AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan (via The Hollywood Reporter), “so that we’ll be sitting here at the Barclays conference in 2022 discussing the fact that Walking Dead is not over.”

Walking Dead

Honestly, like the comic book this show could go on forever. The comic book has very few characters left from the start of the series but keeps on introducing new and compelling characters and situations. The show has killed off almost as many characters so far as the comic, yet has remained fresh without following the comics page for page. At first I was Walking Dead purist, getting angered whenever a character was missing or a new one appeared that wasn’t in the comics. The first season followed the comic pretty well, but after a writer shake-up it’s pretty much had its own momentum. I then started to ask myself –“Why do I need it to be the same?

I’ve finally come to grips that the show can be good on its own merit without having to mirror Kirkman’s comic world and it’s done just that by creating a rabid fan base of viewers who just can’t get enough of the show. It’s spawned its own fan favorite characters (Daryl) and made comic fan favorites (Andrea) effectively fan hated.

Walking Dead

So don’t worry fans, if you keep on watching, AMC will keep on making them because let’s face it: All of the characters are expendable save for Rick Grimes, but even in the comics that may one day not be true anymore. You can get your next dose of the dead this October with 16 all new episodes.