YouTube Announces First Subscription Horror Channel ‘Screampix’

The Wrap has just got news that popular video site YouTube has gotten its first paid for horror channel. Called Screampix it will charge $2.99 per month and will cater to all the screaming horror fans out there in dire need of a new fright flick fix. The channel debuted on Wednesday in the US and Canada and will be coming to the UK and other countries later on this year.

This is all part of YouTube’s plans to boost its already successful channel content with even more new and exciting subscription channels to cater to all tastes, with 50 channels already launched and more to come. The new channel will cover everything that is horror with feature films, interviews and trailers making up part of the channel. This will amount to over 200 hours of footage for fans. Daniel March the founder of the channel said that

“The channel intends to satiate horror fans by taking them deeper into the genre via curation and interaction.”

The main question you have to ask yourself is will the channel be able to contend with all the competition that is currently out there for film fans? Netflix and other sites have a tight grip on the postal and digital streaming media so how will a new company fare? Also with so much free content on YouTube already are fans going to bother with this new channel or will YouTube be forced to remove more of their horror content off of their main channel and focus it into this new all horror subscription channel? $2.99 seems a good price for the amount of content on offer here, but it all depends on the other content that is going to be made available only through this channel.

youtube screampix monster

The channel will also be advert free which has got to be a plus point for film fans sick of waiting for the skip advert button to appear on YouTube. The search menus seem quite fun to with titles ranging from “Zombiepalooza”, “Students making bad decisions” and “Women on the rampage” giving the new channel a sense of fun. The main problem I can see is that aside from a few Charles Band titles most of this channels output is very low budget or indi titles, some which other none subscription YouTube channels already have. There is nothing there so far that would really blow away a hard core horror fan. But it is still early days and they have some stiff competition, but if they get new content on the site that hooks the fans and gets their interest there is no reason why this (and the other channels YouTube has planned) won’t be a success in the near future.

Why not look for yourself with this link here for the new site.


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