Sunday Night TV: This Week’s Top 5 Moments – Ray Donovan, Jessica Hamby, and the Return of Dexter Morgan

There is real plethora of excellent television currently airing on Sunday nights as everyone rushes in to fill the time-slots that last month were held by Game of Thrones and Mad Men. What follows were my top 5 TV moments from Sunday night…

5. Copper (2.02) – Burn Baby Burn

Francis Maguire is out of jail and working on the other side of the law now. His first act with his new gang of ruffians is to stick a lit cigarette up a man’s nose. Imagine the pain associated with plucking a nose hair out, and how horrible that can be. Now take that bundle of nerve-endings and hold a smoldering ash to it…

Ray Donovan Copper True BloodRay Donovan Copper True BloodRay Donovan Copper True Blood

4. The Killing (3.06) – Linden’s Interview Skills

Not only did Sarah scare off their only witness with her pressured interrogation, but she also lost her cool talking to Ray Seward and admitting to the fact she thinks him innocent of the crime he is only days away from being executed for. This doesn’t sit well with the man living out his last days on Death Row. He informs her that she need not bother to visit again. What made this scene really stand out was the performance of Sarsgard, who has been excellent all season, but particularly shined here.

Ray Donovan Copper The Killing True Blood

3. Dexter (8.01) – Deb’s Breakdown (Episode Recap)

I loved Debra laying into Dex, which I normally hate, but ol’ Dex has really seemed to lose touch with what used to make him such a great character. Not sure why so many people were so excited for this episode considering what the once great show has become over the last few years, but we are still watching. And I know everyone hates Deb, but I’m loving her complete breakdown. Something in this episode changed her from annoying to sexy as hell. Perhaps I just have a thing for train wrecks…

Ray Donovan The Killing DexterRay Donovan The Killing Dexter

2. True Blood (6.03) – Jessica Goes to School

Jessica Hamby is the main reason I still watch True Blood. This season, 3 episodes in does seem already better than the last 2 seasons were, but if not for Deborah Ann Woll I doubt I would’ve stuck it out till now…

1. Ray Donovan (1.01) – The bag or the bat?

The ‘Under the Radar’  surprise of the week was the premiere of Ray Donovan, staring Liev Schreiber in the title role. The guy is a fixer, like Mr. Wolfe in Pulp Fiction, he gets called in to handle shit. One such example was when a certain stalker arrived home to find Ray sitting on his couch. “The bag of the bat?” That’s a gentlemanly move to give the dude a choice. Get brained with this here bat, or take the mystery bag! It could be anything, it could even be a bat! I won’t spoil what’s inside the bag, but I’m gonna recommend this show to everyone. Strong start.

Ray Donovan The Killing Dexter

One thought on “Sunday Night TV: This Week’s Top 5 Moments – Ray Donovan, Jessica Hamby, and the Return of Dexter Morgan”

  1. Agree with all these, though I wasn’t as thrilled with Ray Donovan as you were, I still thought it was a solid start to a potentially great show. By the way, whatever happened to Megan, the True Blood recapper? I loved her recaps.


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