Knights of Badassdom: Finally Some Good News!

We talked about Knights of Badassdom before, and last time the future of the LARP film looked rather bleak. Well it’s a new day and a new outlook for the project as it has finally found a distributor in Entertainment One! Incidentally, Entertainment One is the same company that distributes Femme Fatales, a Grizzly Bomb favorite.

knights-of badassdom

In the last Knights of Badassdom update, there was a bit of drama regarding the editing of the film. Apparently after director Joe Lynch finished and had it cut and edited to his liking, the powers that be went in and did their own edit. Lynch took to Twitter with hopes of making sure everyone knew that it was #notmyedit.

It is unknown if the final product Entertainment One is set to release is that of Lynch’s or those that came after him. We’ll find out soon I suppose. No premiere date has been set but let’s not let that get us down for Knights of Badassdom is finally going to see the light of day! Hopefully!


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