DC Animation Announces ‘Justice League: War’, ‘Son of Batman’, and ‘Assault on Arkham’

This year we saw no shortage of announcements from DC Entertainment, who shocked Comic Con by announcing a Man of Steel sequel to include Batman, as well as finally confirming the Flash and Justice League films. Knowing that their live action films are in the works, we also learned about the ongoing awesomeness that are the DC Animated Features.

Whereas Marvel Studios has been leading the charge in Hollywood, DC Entertainment has been absolutely crushing Marvel when it comes to full length animated films. Marvel has had a couple that aren’t terrible, but DC has been adapting storylines and releasing great animated films for years now.

Justice League: WarOne of those films is the highly anticipated Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, which adapts the world shattering Flashpoint series into a feature-length animated film. I say world shattering as the events of Flashpoint forever altered the state of the DC Universe by launching the New 52, a rebooted universe with a greatly shortened timeline. This led many to speculate that the New 52 would be the newest storyline to make its way to the animated features, which turned out to be exactly what we had to look forward too.

Justice League: War tackles the first introduction of the Justice League in the New 52, as a new team of familiar heroes forms during battle with the villainous Darkseid. The original series by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee introduced not only the characters into the New 52, but ‘new’ costumes, and our first real taste of just what the New 52 had to offer. A few year’s later and the reboot is still going strong, so this film is certainly not unexpected. Newsarama has some casting news for the film:

[box_dark]Jason O’Mara, mostly known for TV work, though he did appear in geek-friendly movie Resident Evil: Apocalypse as the game series’ character Albert Wesker, will be voicing Batman in the movie. A new Batman for a new world.

Justice League: War

Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds will voice Cyborg in the film, and Chris Gorham of Covert Affairs will voice the Flash. While it appears to be Moore’s first voiceover work, it’s a return to DC animation for Gorham, who played Wrath, the Anti-Batman in the animated series The Batman.[/box_dark]

The Comic Con announcements continued as 2 more films were announced for a 2014 release during the premiere of Flashpoint Paradox. Son of Batman is based on of Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s run on Batman, which introduced Damian Wayne to the Bat family. This will more than likely be a fantastic adaptation, even though some of us aren’t ready to revisit Damian after his tragic death in the comics.

Justice League: War

Batman: Assault on Arkham will be based off the very popular Arkham video game series, and will be a unique departure from the majority of the DC animated features. While this video game world has a huge following and a lot of unexplored potential, we will need to wait to see a bit more from this feature before we can really get behind it.

Both films are slated for a 2014 release, with Justice League: War leading off the year. Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox hits stores on July 30th.

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