Doctor Who Has a New Time Lord! Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor!

The British population has had cause to celebrate recently with a new baby joining the royal blood line. But the only event Whovians have been waiting to celebrate is the regeneration of our favorite time lord. Matt Smith is standing down from playing The Doctor, and for the last few weeks fans have sat staring at their computer screens waiting for the day when the new actor or actress who will play The Doctor will be revealed. Even we here at Grizzly Bomb had our own guesses as to who the 12th Doctor might be. Just a few hours before the show aired, we got a sneak peek into the gender of The Doctor. The Mirror reported that celebrity photographer Rankin let it slip with the below tweet that it was indeed a man scheduled to play the role.

new doctor who tweet

Then just after this over on BBC website we had the news that the BBC had possibly messed up and accidently released the news on their website of who was going to be the 12th Doctor. The image below shows the URL for a blank page on their website with Welsh in the title.

new doctor who url

Now the only Welsh actor this could mean is Aneurin Barnard, who was one of the many people put on the possible list of Doctor Who potentials. This was proved to be a fake by Entertainment Wise with the fact that twelveth is spelled wrong, and the way that the tag in the URL can be changed to pretty much anything and still go back to the same holding page. Entertainment Wise also had this interesting piece of information which is quoted below further debunking this idea.

“I think that was someone on whose username is ‘Welsh_Hero’ proving the point about changing the URL”

The BBC knows how big a deal this is (even with the above mentioned mishap) and had scheduled a show just to reveal this information to us. Ironic really, as not so long ago they cancelled the series because they believed no one had any interest in it. The success of Doctor Who in the States has certainly helped keep the show alive and well. Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor was an over the top half hour of history, pundits thoughts and even former Doctors (Peter Davidson popped up to give his advice on how to play the role) showing up to share the fun. But by the show’s end (and the BBC milked this reveal for all it was worth) we finally got to know what we had been waiting for so long. Who is the new Doctor?

photo credit:
photo credit:

The answer to this question can now be revealed, and it is Peter Capaldi. This is incredible news! Peter is most famous for playing Malcolm Tucker in the superb BBC show The Thick of It, but Who fans may remember him from the episode The Fires of Pompeii. He is a fantastic actor and also a fan, so he will bring his own spin to the new series. I love the fact it is an older actor playing the Doctor which harks back to the early days of Who’s history. Will he play a darker doctor, perhaps with a Scottish accent? Hopefully yes to both. This could not have turned out better for Doctor Who fans. Keep reading Grizzly Bomb to find out how he gets on.

new doctor who peter

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