‘Eastbound and Down’ Teaser: Kenny Powers Rises From The Ashes for Season 4

The moment every single television viewer has been waiting for is almost here. A new teaser has been released to commemorate the spectacular return of America’s single greatest baseball player, role model, father figure, and lover of high class prostitutes. The 4th season of Eastbound and Down premieres on HBO in September, and the teasers show us… pretty much nothing.

Except for Kenny Motherf*cking Powers. Danny McBride reprises his fan favorite character in the newest season, which sees Kenny Powers apparently back in the big leagues. However, with the small amount the teasers have shown us we really can’t be sure of anything but more Kenny Powers greatness. Here is the first teaser that was released a while ago:

Keeping the spirit of the Rise of Kenny Powers brings us to the new teaser that shows us even less of the new season. And by less I mean none. It shows nothing:

Who wouldn’t be extremely fired up by that? Eastbound and Down has been making people laugh, cry, and get crazy offended for three great seasons so far, and fans of the show expect nothing less. Watch the return of La Flama Blanca September 29th on HBO.

Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down
“Undaunted, I knew the game was mine to win. Just like in life, all of my successes depend on me. I’m the man who has the ball; I’m the man who can throw it faster than f*ck. So, that is why I’m better than everyone in the world. Kiss my ass and suck my dick, everyone.” – Kenny Powers

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