Kristy: Could This Be The Next Cult Horror Hit?

Ever wonder what happens on an empty college campus during the Thanksgiving holiday? Well, you might want to hold onto that thought and just be happy you’re surrounded by family, food and Black Friday sales. It’s certainly better than being on that college campus stalked by unknown assailants who pick random targets to take out, and I don’t mean for a turkey dinner. The name of the movie is Kristy and this could be next on your horror watch list.

The movie, which was previous called Random, stars Haley Bennett as college student Justine, waiting around campus as it slowly goes from bustling to abandoned. Of course, nothing good will come of this as her and her fellow students are terrorized by a group of random, psychotic attackers. The fact that these villains call all of their victims by the same name of ‘Kristy’ just makes them all that much creepier.

Kristy - Ashley Greene and Haley Bennett
Ashley Greene and Haley Bennett

The film also stars Ashley Greene, who is playing against type and comes off creepy as all hell in this movie. In addition,  we have Lucas Till from the X-Men movies joining the party as well. Mathew St. Patrick (Six Feet Under), Chris Coy (True BloodTreme) and James Ransone (Oldboy, AMC’s Low Winter Sun) round out the cast. The film is directed by Oliver Blackburn (Donkey Punch) working off a script by Anthony Jaswinski (Vanishing on 7th Street). It was also produced by one of our favorite people from the Geek Magazine days; Corey Sienega (Frailty, Bride of Chucky).

In the trailer above you can see a small bit of the progression from the Justine character as she rises from victim to heroine, hence the You’re Next comparisons. The movie has been screened at multiple festivals, and recently garnered some positive buzz and great reviews from the BFI London Film Festival. Hopefully we’ll get a wide release in the United States and North America so we can experience the terror for ourselves. If nothing else, it’ll at least be on par with the scariness of attempting to shop on Black Friday.

Images: Dimension Films 

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