Redux: Dark Matters Review – The Dreamcast’s Last Hurrah

We never even knew the Sega Dreamcast still had game developers working on producing new titles for it. The system’s life cycle came to an end in 2002, but Sega fanatics still play it faithfully to this day. Hucast Games made sure to give fans of the underrated console something new to look forward to with their Kickstarter funded project – a “bullet hell” shooter by the name of Redux: Dark Matters.

Looking at this game in action should send you back to the days of flashy vertical shooters from the arcades. There’s bright colors, the music is a typical mix of electronic music fare, the enemies come in plentiful numbers and the action is intense. Redux: Dark Matters looks the part and will give you the ultimate nostalgia kick. This shooter looks great on your aging Dreamcast and even better on your iOS device and PC.

Redux Dark Matters

The premise of this spaceship shoot ’em up should be familiar to fans of the genre. You select the punishing difficulty of your choice and take the ship of your choice into the far reaches of the galaxy. Your ship moves through a daunting onslaught of bullets and enemy ships before you run into a screen filling boss. As you nab power ups for your ship, your weapons increase in strength and your shield gets built up over time. Blasting through dozens of ships, narrowly dodging enemy fire and getting more powerful along the way are the main points of this shooter that will pull in hardcore SHMUP fans.

Redux Dark Matters

The punishing difficulty of this game should come as no surprise. Your ship can get torn down by just one stray shot.Once you run out of extra lives during a stage run, you and your ship are sent back to very start of that stage without the increased power and defenses you had before. Playing on the easier difficulty doesn’t really make matters simpler. Games like this one are hard as hell and require your utmost patience and sharpest dodging skills. This isn’t a pick up and play game that you can complete in one sitting. Finishing Redux: Dark Matters is frustrating and a goal that you may never complete.

Redux Dark Matters

Redux: Dark Matters isn’t anything to go crazy over. It’s a decent shooter that’s hampered by its much too hard difficulty and familiar but stale mechanics. Fans of the genre will enjoy it, while everyone else who still owns a Dreamcast won’t find much to go crazy over here.

If you’re looking to get yourself a copy of this retro shooter, check out Play-Asia at this LINK.

 Images: Hucast Games


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