The Walking Dead Just Keep Walking: The Return Of Season 5

Fans of the AMC series The Walking Dead have been waiting for the second half of season five since the mid-season finale “Coda” in November, and that wait is nearly over.

The trailer, while certain to amp you up for what’s to come, leaves so many questions unanswered.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

When last we left our merry band of zombie survivalists, they lost another of their own; Beth. After proving herself throughout the series to be more than a pretty face, Beth fell victim to yet another insane survivor. Sadly, it remains that in this post-apocalypse, it’s the other survivors who are the real bane of our heroes existence.

After learning that Eugene’s promise of a cure was shown to be little more than a fairy tale for self-preservation, the loss of Beth will send the group back into the unknown with no destination. Their hopes of a cure dashed, base survival instincts are now the only thing keeping them going.

After the credits rolled on the first half of season five, Rick’s old friend Morgan, who we last left in the throes of insanity, makes his way out of the woods, witness to the carnage and horror left at the once quiet church. Will Morgan prove himself to be friend or foe? In the world of The Walking Dead one can never really tell, but his brief scene, in which he sets up an altar of sorts, certainly had a rather ominous feel to it.

Questions remain about the fate of Eugene, whose lie about a cure was the driving force of the last season, pushing the group toward Washington D.C. Can the group forgive him, and even if they do, is he going to be alright after that royal beating doled out by Abraham? How will Daryl take the loss of Beth, with whom he had grown so close? And how the hell do they keep that baby so darn clean?!

While you await the answers to all these burning questions, the internet has a treasure trove of Walking Dead related entertainment to distract you. First, if you haven’t already been watching or taken the week or two to binge watch and catch up on the zombie phenomenon, here’s a quick break down of the first four seasons.

For those zombiephiles up to date, some bad lip-reading takes you back to season four, while adding a laugh to a few otherwise disheartening scenes.

Moving in to the real world for a minute, we lost Andrea in season three, but Laurie Holden has still kept busy. Aside from being an actress, Holden spends her time as a human rights activist with the group Operation Underground Railroad. In 2014 Holden joined the group in an undercover sting operation that rescued 55 young girls from being sold into the sex trade. Her zombie killing days may be behind her for now, but it seems like the world is getting a real hero in the trade-off.

holden as andrea

Now with only a few more days till the show returns, remember what really matters…

And if you’re interested, the first 2 minutes of the next episode…


On a scale of 1-10, how pumped are you for the second half of season five? Let us know in the comments below, or visit Grizzly Bomb’s Facebook page.

Images: AMC

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