The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney Set to Join Cast of The Flash


As fans of The Walking Dead, we’ve been in a pretty depressed mood lately. The fifth season’s mid-way break ended with the death of one of the most beloved characters on the show – Beth (Emily Kinney). The gun shot heard round the world just happened to be the one that took sweet Beth away from us. Well, now it looks like we may just see the actress behind Beth make her debut on another comic book TV show.

News first broke thanks to Instagram user punkd_images, and has since been confirmed by multiple sources after Emily Kinney was spotted arriving in Vancouver for the filming of the upcoming 18th episode, “All-Star Team-Up.” The episode will feature Arrow’s Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer visiting Central City.

So which character from The Flash’s rouges galley is Emily Kinney set to play? Welp, she’s reportedly slated to take on the moniker of Bertram Larvam. DC diehards know this character better as the male villain, The Bug-Eyed Bandit. It sounds like this lesser known baddie from the DC universe will get a gender swap on the small screen. For those who don’t know, the Bug-Eyed Bandit is an inventor who designed his own mechanical insect, which was used to control other insects. This Bandit resorted to stealing money in order to fund the finishing touches on his insectoid project. Mr. Larvam even went ahead and used his invention to go on an extended money-grubbing scheme.

The Bug Eyed Bandit

It’s interesting to note that The Bug-Eyed Bandit is major rival of Ray Palmer aka The Atom, who is currently on Arrow, and rumored to be getting his own show soon. This could be a big setup step the same way they had Barry Allen appear on Arrow before giving him his own show.

Images: AMC, DC Comics

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