Severus Snape And The Chamber Of His Broken Heart – Snape’s Story Chronologically

While Alan Rickman may have known the fate of his character Severus Snape well before the rest of us, fans of the Harry Potter series went on a seven book (or eight movie) roller coaster ride of emotion for the character. Hate Snape, Love Snape, Trust Snape, it was exhausting.  Now that the last chapter has been read of the epic story we know that Snape was, while a bit of a jerk to a young boy, one of the stories true heroes. One Snape loving YouTuber has assembled all the scenes in which the story of Snape unfolds, and when put together in chronological order there can be little question that one must now, and always, Trust Snape.

In his turn as this tragic anti-hero, Rickman brought to life the pain and anguish of a love unrequited. On the cusp of the romantic holiday that is Valentine’s Day, it seems fitting to embrace the waves of emotion that come with Snape’s story. While he never again saw his darling Lily in life, J.K Rowling has written death as simply another great adventure. Do we dare to hope that in some corner of the infinite universe Snape made peace with James, and once again basked in the light of Lily, the woman he loved always? The woman whose very essence became his patronus? (For Muggles, a patronus is a spell the embodies a person happiness.) If not, readers and movie fans alike can rest in the fact that even with his death, Snape was looking out for Harry.

Of course, it could always be argued that Snape only did all that he did out of the deepest guilt, but in lieu of cynicism let us take a moment of silence for the sacrifice of a death eater turned hero, of a man who risked his life and safety to right a wrong made in jealousy, who killed his closest friend for the greater good. RIP Severus Snape, The Half-Blood Prince.

Image: Warner Bros.

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