X-Men: Apocalypse – Bryan Singer Teases Concept Art

We’ve received another glimpse into the developing production of X-Men: Apocalypse, and once again it comes from Bryan Singer. Much like we saw as X-Men: Days of Future Past moved through production, Singer is always the first to drop any new images from the film.

This newest piece of concept art gives us a vague and intriguing look into one possible character’s storyline.


The image features a mysterious figure and what appears to be a ship of some kind. Popular belief is that the vessel is the sentient Celestial spacecraft known as Ship, which played a fairly pivotal role in a few key X-Men storylines. En Sabah Nur AKA Apocalypse (played by Oscar Isaac) was the first mutant on the planet, who was further enhanced by alien technology to become the eternal X-villain. This image may show the first encounter between En Sabah Nur and Ship, although the figure is fairly hard to make out. It’s entirely possible that could be an X-Man standing below a very enhanced Blackbird, but seeing as this takes place in the ’80s that seems unlikely. It could also be the highly-anticipated debut of Cable with his time-traveling ship Graymalkin, though that might be of a bit of a stretch.

Cable’s ship Graymalkin. Does it look like the concept art?

And since we’re already reaching, perhaps this is an image of a Shi’ar vessel making its first appearance in the X-films, a teaser of a possible new direction for the X-franchise. The alien empire known as the Shi’ar feature heavily into the X-mythology, affecting Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, and Scott & Alex Summers in particular. Could this image be a possible peak into a post-credit scene teasing the alien race? Probably not.

Our money is on the first meeting between En Sabah Nur and Ship, or a similar alien spacecraft if they don’t want to delve into the Ship storyline too much. The concept art offers an exciting look at the design of this alien tech, and it looks like we’ll see a proper accounting of Apocalypse’s origin, something we didn’t get to see for a lot of characters in the last trilogy’s finale.

En Sabah Nur AKA Apocalypse

What do you think of the released concept art? Is that Apocalypse featured in the image or another mutant character? Do you enjoy seeing these bits and pieces from Singer as the film develops? Let us know in the comments section below or join the discussion at the Grizzlybomb Facebook page!

Images: Marvel Comics, Bryan Singer

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