Kirkman’s Outcast Get Series Order From Cinemax

Another drama from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is set to hit the small screen, as Cinemax has just given a series order for his newest comic, Outcast.

We first heard news at last year’s SDCC that Outcast had been picked up as a pilot by Cinemax, off of a script written by Kirkman himself. The script was developed internally by Fox International Channels, and then after a bit of a bidding war ended up with Cinemax. Apparently they liked what they have seen from the project so far, as 10 episodes have been ordered for the first season.

“We are thrilled to be in business with Robert Kirkman, a visionary talent who has the unique ability to tap into today’s zeitgeist, making him a perfect fit for the newly expanded Cinemax roster,” said HBO Programming president Michael Lombardo.


The Outcast comic series is written by Kirkman, with art by Paul Azaceta under his Skybound banner at Image comics. The story follows Kyle Barnes (Almost Famous‘ Patrick Fugit), a lifelong victim of demonic possession who decides it’s time to get some answers about his years dealing with the supernatural. He teams with Reverend Anderson (Demons’ Philip Glenister) to try and regain control of his normal life, while learning more about demonic plans for the world around him.

The comic series is still fairly young, especially compared to the long-running success of Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, but has already taken the comic shops by storm with its eerie visuals and frightening story. We couldn’t be more excited to see the first season of the show on Cinemax, not just because it’s from Kirkman, but it also offers a new supernatural world for fans to explore on the small screen.

We’ll keep you updated as this series fills out its cast, but for now go out and check out the comic before prices start to rise on the early issues, much like they did with TWD.

Are you already a fan of Outcast? Excited to see more Kirkman on the small screen? Let us know in the comments section below or join the discussion on the GrizzlyBomb Facebook page!

Images: Image Comics

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