TableTop Bonanza: A Guide To Some Of Top Trumps Odder Cards And Spinoffs

Top Trumps is a game that celebrates the versatility of fandom.

From popular comic book franchises to your favourite TV shows, right through to the wonders of the natural and man-made world, Top Trumps seems to have it all. Fans of geek culture will always find something to enjoy when it comes to Top Trump collections. Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC and The Big Bang Theory all have various collections devoted to them. Heck even One Direction have their own Trumps! Along with this plethora of diversity comes a lot of oddness. Some Top Trump card sets seem slightly out of place, while others seem down and out bonkers. Let’s look at some of the weirder selections that Top Trumps have offered up in the past, as well as some of the copycat card series that, in some cases, can get even stranger.

Top Trumps Originals

The brand that introduced stats to youngest are the Top Trump cards. Starting in 1968 and still going strong, they have a keen eye on what the general public want and focus on adapting pretty much everything for their game sets. This can be seen in the different styles of packs for sale, especially the 3D ones which give you a CD-ROM to use while playing the game, giving an extra element to the game play. Below is a selection of some of the more quirky examples that tickle Grizzly Bomb’s fancy. Some of the more interesting sets of Top Trumps come from the company’s choice of TV and film franchises. Star Wars we can understand but Breaking Bad cards are certainly a shock. Like The Simpsons? Well how about a set dedicated to showing them playing various sports? Yes they are all here in this collection.

Unofficial Trumps

The Unofficial Trumps collections tend to find a niche that Top Trumps has some how missed (or chosen to ignore). Wonders of the world still frequently pop up, but so do the wonders of the human body, most notably hair. Lots of hair in fact. But if you ever wondered what would win between a mullet and a moustache then you can get your answer right here! Some of these sets are incredibly inventive (like the Lurid Trumps covered in the last edition of Homemade Horror), some are quite disgusting, and some are just plain shocking. It seems no part of our society is safe from been transformed into numbers and power settings.

Top Trumps will no doubt continue turning every facet of our lives into shiny categorized cards. For card game fans like myself it’s great news, because each new selection gives us more cards to collect and play. For more card based games look at the Grizzly Bomb reviews for Sopio and Love Letter, or if you prefer your games of the board variety then have a look at our collection of some of the weirder games that have been released.

Images: Top, Trumps, Hawkins Bizarre, University Games, Gentlemen’s Club, Kittenwar, Powertache, Veggie Trumps, Crap Trumps, Gods and Monsters, Jam, Country Trumps, Top Drunks, Added Entertainment, James Cahill and Mikkel Sommer, Dr Hai, Meaty Trumps, Kulturmeister.

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