Deadpool Teases New Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Teasers for trailers are admittedly a ridiculous thing, but sometimes they’re presented in a way that justifies their existence. Today’s example of this is a surprise from 20th Century Fox, informing us that the first trailer for Deadpool is slated to drop tomorrow.

Ryan Reynolds has talked at length over the years about wanting to preserve the necessary elements of a Deadpool property if he was going to go ahead with the project, and we’ve come to expect several things from a story involving the Merc With a Mouth: Humor, violence, chimichangas, curse words and of course a laissez-faire attitude toward the fourth wall. This minute long scene covers three out of the five, so it accomplishes exactly what it needed to do. And while it’s not as brilliant as some of the other marketing for the film, it delivers on the tone we’ve been wanting from the start.

Deadpool Burt Reynolds

The story of the Deadpool film is a rarity in Hollywood. Since the deplorable X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a standalone spinoff for Deadpool has reportedly gone through a rollercoaster ride of rewrites, cancelations and restarts, but Reynolds, who plays the titular anti-hero, has campaigned and fought this thing into existence out of sheer will (and money, probably) if interviews with the actor are as factual as they seem. Reynolds’s passion for the project is refreshing in Hollywood, where many superhero flicks are cynical money grabs from studios trying to cash in on a popular trend.

It’s difficult to predict how Deadpool will fare at the box office. Despite the vocal support for the character online and from fans, he’s presumably off the general public’s radar as one of Marvel’s many costumed superheroes. On top of that, his shtick is something a little off-kilter for the general public to grasp: His predilection for talking to the audience could prove confusing to newcomers. It also doesn’t help that the Merc doesn’t really do well with children. That said, Guardians of the Galaxy had no business being as successful as it was, with its own bizarre array of space aliens and tree Vin Diesels. Strange is not always bad, especially when a genre is as saturated as the current Marvel/DC landscape. The most important thing Deadpool can do to succeed is communicate exactly what he’s all about and that’s exactly what this teaser hints at. This appetizer is perfectly suited to set the stage for tomorrow’s full trailer debut.

Images: Fox

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