Clark Kent No More! Superman Gets A New Secret Identity

With the arrival of DCYou and DC Entertainment’s latest creative push, Superman has been going through quite the ordeal over in his world of comics. For those who aren’t caught up, Superman had his secret identity of Clark Kent revealed to the whole world by… Lois Lane.

Yup, his best friend and one-time wife waited about four whole seconds after finding out Clark was Superman to drop the story on the front page of the Daily Planet. This exposed Clark at a time when his powers were in flux after discovering his new Solar Flare ability. So now, while at his lowest power level possibly ever, Supes/Kent is forced on the run with both the government and his villains hunting him down.

Lois Lane Discovers Supermans Secret Identity

While the reasons behind Lois’s exposé of her alleged best friend are still being explored in Gene Luen Yang’s main Superman title, over in Action Comics #45, Superman attempts to move on from his troubles with a brand spanking new identity. And if you thought Clark Kent was mild-mannered, just you wait.

Green Lantern Gren Arrow CoverSuperman’s new secret identity was revealed as Archie Clayton, truck driver. While it lacks some of the opportunities that Kent would have recieved, what with having his finger on the pulse of Metropolis as a news reporter, there is definitely a wealth of story opportunities granted by his new identity/career. And any fan of Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams iconic series that saw Green Lantern and Green Arrow head on the road to find the real America can get excited by a similar trek for the Man of Steel.

Superman’s secret identity has been a cornerstone of the character since his creation, and influenced the rest of the masked heroes that followed in the many decades to come. It’s also been an issue of debate for years, considering the only thing Superman uses to conceal his true identity is a pair of eye glasses.

In the recently released pages from Action Comics #45, a scene tackles this very issue with a classic story from a real world starlette. The quote perfectly sums up exactly why his secret identity really works, which you can read from the caption below:

Action Comics 45 page 1

“There’s an old story about Norma Jean Mortensen,” he muses. “She was walking down the street in New York City, no one noticed her. Then she turned to her friend and said ‘Do you want to see her?’ And she flashed that smile, straightened her back… and suddenly everyone recognized Marilyn Monroe.”

The scene goes on to compare Superman’s performance as Archie with Norma Jean’s performance of Marilyn, offereing even more fuel to the discussion of whether Superman is the reality and Clark Kent is the disguise or vice versa. This is something that is sure to be tackled in the ongoing adventures of Archie Clayton, mild-mannered truck driver running from a possible government conspiracy and overpowered super villains. Maybe Clark should have just erased Lois’s memory with the Super-Kiss from Superman II?

Superman II Superkiss

What do you think of Superman’s new identity? Is this the last we’ve seen of Clark Kent? Could this all be leading to Superman’s own One More Day? Let us know in the comments section below or join the discussion at the Grizzlybomb Facebook page!

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IMAGES: DC Entertainment, Warner Bros.

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