First Full Warcraft Trailer Released at Blizzcon

The first trailer for the highly anticipated Warcraft movie has arrived! Today, Blizzcon was treated to the theatrical trailer, and like a good production company the trailer was released to everyone else online shortly after, and here it is.

Though I have not been to Blizzcon, unfortunately, Legendary has been hyping and bringing news about Warcraft to Comic-Con for about 3 solid years now and the hype is for real if I do say so myself. The first time they brought us anything to Comic-Con in 2012, it was just a small CGI cut. Fast-forward to 2015, when they showed us a full clip and released a trailer and things have really turned around. It’s no secret that director Duncan Jones, is completely passionate about this project and really wants to make a movie that celebrates everything that World of Warcraft is and its fans. Check back to see how excited we were when he got the gig!

Now let’s break down the trailer a little bit. As we know, orcs and humans notoriously do not get along. The storyline in the movie seems to be quite similar to that in the game where the orc Horde must leave their dying home of Draenor and make their way in hopes of finding salvation in Azeroth. Obviously orcs are aggressive in their strategy leading to bloodshed and warfare between humans and orcs. However, alliances must be made and that means bridges must be burned. The trailer shows us glimpses of Warcraft favorites, the Doomhammer, gryphons, and the city of Dalaran perhaps? All of these aspects are amping up to be one hell of a showdown, and movie.

Production for this movie looks amazing. The orcs looks like the perfect combination of gaming graphics and realistic animation. Obviously the battle sequences look nothing shy of fantastic and I can’t wait to see the skies of Azeroth on the big screen.

I have been excited for this movie for a very long time and I cannot wait for it to hit theaters in June of next year. Keep up with Grizzlybomb for Warcraft updates!

Images: Legendary

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