Deadpool Images: Sexuality, Pictures, and Ryan Reynolds’ Take on the Character

There has been a frequent stream of news for the upcoming Deadpool movie, which is set for February 12, 2016. It seems that heavy fan enthusiasm really lets you get away with everything. Since the test footage was leaked online and everyone lost their minds, Fox had to push production of this movie. And it seems that they’ve mostly kept their hands off and let director Tim Miller run with it. Deadpool is really starting to sound like a fanboy/girl’s wet dream.

Here are some new images that have been released online:

In other news, Deadpool the character has been confirmed canonically as not homosexual, having been described by comic book writer Gerry Duggan as someone who is “ready & willing to do anything with a pulse.” This suggests Deadpool’s sexuality is pansexual, which is not surprising for this character. However, this is exciting news as the lack of LGBT superhero characters has raised a few eyebrows.

Finally, there is no doubt that Ryan Reynolds is extremely excited to play this role, especially after the catastrophe that was Green Lantern and even that bastardization of Deadpool in X-Men Origins that closed the door for most fans for ever wanting to see THAT Deadpool on-screen again. However, this Deadpool movie I could not be more excited about, and Reynolds seems to share this sentiment which is always encouraging. Part of that excitement is drawn from the fact that this isn’t a typical superhero movie and that it is in itself, something completely different, but true to its character and canon.

“Well, every comic book movie I go to nobody f*cking dies! I mean, like, everybody’s getting shot at, it’s like an episode of The A-Team, y’know, everyone’s shooting the ground- so, we get an opportunity to do this in a way that follows all the scripture that Deadpool’s laid out, which is fourth-wall breaking, that kind of mercenary sensibility and humor and then we also have this opportunity, which is very rare in this world, to do something that’s not necessarily for just kids. There’s some pretty racy, pretty hyper-violent things that happen in this movie and it’s been a lot of fun to shoot.” – Reynolds

Anyway you cut it, Deadpool is really shaping up to be a movie to be excited for. If you missed the trailer – how dare you, OR if you just want to go back and watch it – good idea, click here and read about how excited we were when it dropped!

As always, check back to Grizzlybomb for upcoming news on your favorite things, but also especially Deadpool because we’d be crazy not to tell you about it.

Images: 20th Century Fox

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