Rick and Morty Star in New Pokemon-Style Game and Dota 2!!!

For all the Rick and Morty stuff that I’ve been writing about, you’d think I’d at least have something on the new season… And I still don’t, but here’s something you didn’t know you needed until right now.

APPARENTLY, on January 14th, Adult Swim Games is releasing a free Pokemon style Rick and Morty game called something super original, Pocket Mortys. Why you ask? Well, why not. The purpose of the game, much like Pokemon, is to battle and defeat foes. However, it needed to be Rick and Morty-fied and so not only is the game set on an alien planet, the opponents you battle include the alien versions of Rick and Morty themselves.

The game will be available for both Android and iOS as confirmed by show co-creator Dan Harmon.

The video game shenanigans for Rick and Morty don’t stop there. Another thing you didn’t know you needed, is the Rick and Morty DODA 2 expansion pack.

WHY you ask again? Well why not.


So if you play DOTA get this thing because it looks hilarious, and if you don’t, download Pocket Mortys next week so you can stay inside and play on your phone and feel less bad about the fact that there still has been no word on the new season.

Images: Adult Swim

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