NetFlix Releases Final Trailer for Daredevil’s Second Season

Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, and Karen Page attacked from different angles in season one, and their efforts combined to bring down the Kingpin and deliver us an excellent new series to binge. It was the first of the new Marvel shows on the streaming giant NetFlix, and it exceeded the expectations of most fans, setting a tone that Jessica Jones was able to beautifully followup.

Now here we are, into year two of Marvel’s NetFlix lineup, and before the Luke Cage show premieres September 30th, fan outcry has forced a second showing from the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Today, the final trailer before Friday’s release dropped…

So, lots of Punisher, Elektra, and the Hand. Matt and Karen appear to have a romance budding, and Hell’s Kitchen looks to be again under siege. This all spells trouble for our heroes. Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle aka The Punisher) has released some action shots via his twitter.

And we have some footage from the show’s red carpet premiere last weekend, which is where we learned about the Luke Cage release date.

Now just a few days away from the hard choices – Binge Daredevil S2 or watch the tourney to track my bracket…I’ll probably try to do both.

Images: NetFlix, Marvel Entertainment

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