The Walking Dead: Negan Set To Debut in 90 Minute Season Finale

The Walking Dead season six finale is upon us, and AMC is still teasing us with one of the comics most interesting villains, Negan, and his iconic weapon of doom, Lucile.



Audiences have heard his name, and enough horror stories to be wisely wary of the new villain, but where is he? The role will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Batman V Superman, Watchmen), who many fans will know for his role on Supernatural as Poppa Winchester, but we have yet to see his pretty mug on-screen. So, have our band of survivors stirred up enough trouble to finally meet the man himself in this week’s 90-minute episode?

Comic fans will be biting their nails, as Negan’s introduction in the comic (Spoiler alert!) comes with the death of fan favorite Glenn (Steven Yeun). But show runners couldn’t possibly have just saved Glenn with the dumpster only to have him die at the merciless hands of Negan, could they?


The episodes title, Last Day On Earth, certainly teases that someone is not long for this world, but it doesn’t have to be Glenn. AMC has cleverly led us into the ultimate edge of your seat trap, setting up the potential for any of our main characters to bite the big one.

Last week’s episode, It’s all Over, set up the finale perfectly. Home base Alexandria was left virtually defenseless, all big guns out and on the road on various missions of insanity. Carol, in the midst of some kind of emotional break, has hit the road to escape all the killing, prompting Rick and Morgan to follow. In a rare turn of events, Morgan talks some sense and sends the Sheriff back home, though likely not for long.


Key in setting up the potential for someone other than Glen to be on the chopping block is Darryl, (please don’t kill Darryl) setting off to seek his own revenge for Denise’s death, only to be joined by Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita, who are sure he’s going to get himself killed. Well, good news guys, now you all have a chance to die for Denise as the episode finished with all four being captured by the Saviors.


walking dead daryl shot

Back at home, a pregnant Maggie has her own problems. During a sexy shower scene Glenn notices marks and bruising that later in the episode seem to have lead to a miscarriage. The loss of Glenn and Maggie’s child will be plenty to move the audience to tears, but does that last moment of intimacy between the two core characters mean a definite death sentence story wise for Glenn?

Michonne and Rick’s burgeoning love affair might likewise be bad news for Michonne, who also finds herself bound and gagged by the Saviors.


The season finale airs this Sunday at 9/8 c, and audiences will have all the answers they are looking for, even the ones they don’t necessarily want.

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 Images: AMC, Image/Skybound Comics, Memegenerator

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