Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes Invade Central City For The Flash Finale

The second season of CW’s hit show The Flash is winding to a close, but some big name star power and epic twists will end the season with an extra dose of Speed Force.

Geek royalty and all around cool dude Kevin Smith, known for Mallrats, Clerks, and his beautiful Star Wars cameo, will have his name in the credits on May 10 for the upcoming episode The Runaway Dinosaur.

While Smith won’t be donning his overcoat on the show, he will be putting his mark on Central City by directing the upcoming episode. But don’t fret purists – fans shouldn’t expect his dick and fart jokes to feature heavily into the mix. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg elaborated on the experience in a recent Q & A with press,

“There’s one scene in there that is like literally a scene out of a Kevin Smith movie, but Kevin, he’s such a fan of this show — like, in a way that humbles me beyond my wildest expectations, to be able to sit in a room with him and talk to him and think about how often I quote him and quote his movies, and how he was who I wanted to be when I was in college. To sit down with him and have him speak about this show so lovingly, and so intelligently, and so deeply — he didn’t approach this in like, ‘Well, here’s my chance to put my stamp on it,’ or ‘Here’s my change to “Clerks”-ify it. His biggest drive — and I hope it’s okay for me to say this — was like, he just didn’t want to mess it up because he’s such a fan.”

While the recognizable Smith stayed behind the camera, his foul-mouthed onscreen counterpart (and die-hard Arrow fan) Jason Mewes (Commander of the C.L.I.T.), will make a notable cameo in the upcoming episode.


On his recent podcast Hollywood Bable, Smith commented that Mewes is a big fan of CW’s DC universe, and was his “conduit” to them,

“…he was my conduit to those shows. Arrow is his religion, dude. He almost came to visit me on ‘Flash’ just so he could walk across the lot and look at the ‘Arrow’ sets and shit, and dream about salmon laddering up and shit.”

The Flash writers went one better,  adding an on-screen role for Mewes. Smith elaborated on Mewes’ reaction,

“I’ve seen that dude cry twice. Once holding his newborn child, and once when he was told he was gonna have a bit part on ‘The Flash.'”

While Mewes will only be visible in one scene, Smith also mentioned on Fatman on Batman, another of his podcasts, that Mewes actually had a chance to be on-screen twice;

“when I looked at my script, which was written by Zack Stence, he wrote Thor and he wrote X-Men First Class. So the tag at the end of this episode has a bunch of people in it, a bunch of people, big wide shot, it ends with a big wide shot. So it allowed for me to put Jason into the crowd as a metahuman, in a mask. So I told him, I was like look, I know we shot your other scene, I said but we’ve got this scene here man, where I could put you into the scene in the background, and we’ll see you but we won’t see your face, you’ll be wearing a mask and you’ve got this armor and you’ll hold a weapon. And I said do you want to do that? And he was like more than I wanted to do the other thing! And I was like really? Because you had dialogue with the other thing, and he was like who f****** cares man. He was like my whole life I always wanted to be a superhero or a supervillain in the DC Universe, and I’m like narrow it down motherf*****, those are like two different sides, and he’s like this is amazing.”

Mewes wasn’t the only one who approached the project with enthusiasm. Smith brought his own dose of fanboy energy in his unique directing style. Tom Cavanagh, who plays good guy/ bad guy Harrison Wells, commented on the experience in a recent Q& A

“In some ways, your accomplishments, for some people, those accomplishments are bequeathed as power. For Kevin, it seemed that none of that mattered. What mattered was the day and the fact that we’re doing what we love, and he would say that. The first time Grant showed up in the suit, it was incredible to watch Kevin. He was like, ‘I just can’t believe this is in front of me, let alone directing it.’ He was like, ‘Guys, isn’t this amazing?’ After lunch he’d have a quick speech: ‘Guys, I just want to say, I know it’s lame that I’m saying this in front of 45 grown men and women, but I think it’s amazing that we get to do what we love.’ Our script supervisor is incredibly knowledgeable, very good at stuff that needs to be done and stuff that you might be missing. Kevin gave her credit for directing the episode. Really, this is the person that’s really directing the episode. And it wasn’t like — it didn’t seem false. It seemed like he felt like someone needed to get credit. He would single different individuals out.”

Cavanagh went on to say,

“It was rare that you see that — I don’t want to necessarily say ‘enthusiasm’ as the way to describe it — just the gratitude. Kevin Smith proceeds from gratitude. I feel — I’ve always said a set is the place that outs you as a person. You can be a certain way, but after 17-hour days for four months, your true personality will come out. This guy — he’s a good human being. He’s incredible to work with.”

Warning: Here Be Spoilers

While there is no telling if there will actually be a dinosaur in the May 10 episode, but the May 6 episode will surely be a roller coaster of emotions as Zoom returns to Earth 1 to conquer all while Barry (Grant Gustin) is still powerless to stop even the weakest of meta humans.

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Images: The CW, Jason Mewes,
Gramercy Pictures, View Askew, Kevin Smith

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