Five Things to Look Forward to With Geoff Johns Co-Running DC Films

It was revealed Tuesday that Geoff Johns, DC’s chief content officer, and Jon Berg, executive VP, would together be running a new arm of the company called DC Films, giving those two greater control regarding the use of DC Comics’ properties on the big screen. This is seen as the muted response to Batman v. Superman versus the recent Captain America: Civil War buzz. While this news surely sparked a large “hallelujah” amongst many fans (guilty), we’re pretty sure that Johns’ indelible influence will be stamped on the movie franchises in the following questionable ways:

  • Instead of teaser trailers, we’ll get cryptic messages written on Rip Hunter’s white board. Saves on production!


  • In a new Green Lantern movie, the Green Lantern movie from 2011 is explained as merely fallout from Superboy punching the walls of reality. Because there’s really no better explanation for that.
This was how a bunch of continuity inconsistencies were explained in Infinite Crisis.
  • The Flash movie is to be followed by a slightly darker Flash movie, with virtually identical plot and slower pace. This will be followed by a Flash movie in which only Captain Cold appears and is revealed to somehow be the noblest of all.
  • Well, the noblest until the villain secretly pulling all the strings, line-wide, is revealed to be Sinestro.
  • A sudden surge of R and NC-17 ratings will happen when villains keep gouging out eyes and punching people’s heads clean off. Yuck!


Okay, okay — we kid. This is potentially very good news!

Images: DC Comics, Warner Bros.

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