Don’t Breathe: Trailer Teaches Us Never To Underestimate Stephen Lang

“A trio of reckless thieves breaks into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re wrong.”

In the infancy of Grizzly Bomb, we spent a lot of time talking about The Party Crasher. And while he’s mostly been retired from the rotation around here, we’ll never stop being fans. The Party Crasher was, of course, a character played by Stephen Lang in the seminal 1991 comedy The Hard Way. [Duh.] Anyway, Mr. Lang is starring in an upcoming thriller called Don’t Breathe, in which he plays a helpless old blind man…probably.

Check out the trailer;

Ok, so maybe he’s not as helpless as we let on, but what did you expect – it’s Stephen Lang. It’s kind of like Wait Until Dark. Except this time instead of a blind woman being terrorized by three intruders, it’s a blind man terrorizing three intruders. Flipping the script!

Aside from our blind star, the film also features the ‘female Ash’ – Jane Levy. Star of 2013’s Evil Dead (remake/reboot/sequel?), Ms. Levy plays Rocky; a down on her luck girl just trying to get out of town and start anew. Her brother Alex is played by Dylan Minnette, who played a convincing little sociopath in Let Me In, Lie to Me, and Agents of SHIELD. Oddly enough, that same episode of AoS, titled Seeds, saw Minnette teamed up with Don’t Breathe costar Daniel Zovatto. Daniel was also in last year’s It Follows, which became an instant genre classic.

Don’t Breathe is written and directed by Fede Alvarez, and marks his first feature since the aforementioned Evil Dead, which he also wrote and directed. And since that movie was so good, we’ll assume this one is going to be solid too, and not just in possession of a deceptively good trailer. Thus far, 2016 has already given us one great thriller in 10 Cloverfield Lane, this film could be in that same class.


Don’t Breathe hits theaters August 26. Be sure to check back here at Grizzly Bomb for updates on the movie and other movie trailers!

Images: Screen Gems, Warner Bros.-Seven Arts

audrey hepburn - wait until dark
Audrey Hepburn – Wait Until Dark (1967)

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