DC Correctly Chooses Original Lobo for Film

For once, DC has made the smart choice for one of their films on the first try.

In an effort to cash in on the surprising success of Deadpool, the people at DC have begun work on a violent R-rated comedy of their own, in the form of Czarnian bounty hunter Lobo. Scriptwriter Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) recently confirmed that he is working on the script for a Lobo film, and that he will be using the original version of the character as the source.


As most fans of the character know, DC relaunched the title in its New 52 initiative. This came with major changes, such as making Lobo much thinner, more articulate, and easy on the eyes. Also missing was Lobo’s iconic attitude and sense of humor. They started out the series by naming the original and much-beloved version of the character as an imposter, and then killing him off. This new embodiment was seemingly aimed at a much more progressive audience.


Thankfully this proved to be a massive failure, and the series was cancelled last December.

DC choosing the original Lobo to base the film on is a great sign that they are finally moving in the right direction. We at GB couldn’t be more ecstatic if they got a truthful version of Th’ Main Man on the big screen. It fits right in with the Deadpool aesthetic, just a little grittier, which wouldn’t be out of line with what we’ve seen from DC so far. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they brought Superman in for a brief cameo, a’la Colossus. Either way, it’s an exciting time to be a Lobo fan!

"Why not, Supes?!"
“Why not, Supes?!”

Images: DC Comics, Warner Bros. Animation, Pete’s Basement

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