Ash vs Evil Dead Announces Six Million Dollar Addition to the Cast

They can rebuild him! They have the technology! Or at least the funds to hire him!

Starz Network’s smash hit of the season, Ash vs Evil Dead, had been searching for an actor man enough to play the father of their titular character. And what better choice than the Six Million Dollar Man himself? In another great casting move, Lee Majors, whose credits these last years consist mostly of indie films and one-off tv appearances, has accepted the role of Ash Williams’ father in the upcoming season, which premieres this fall. As this is completely new ground for the franchise, it will be interesting to see what direction they take Majors’ character.


Another welcome addition to the cast is Ted Raimi, brother to franchise creator/director Sam Raimi. The slapstick style he brought to his role as Henrietta, the possessed fruit cellar dwelling mother from Evil Dead II, had a major influence on the tone of the series that proved so influential in cementing its cult status. Raimi will be playing Ash’s yet to be named childhood best friend.

The lovely Henrietta.

All in all, it’s a great job casting. For those who didn’t take the time from their “oh so busy” lives to watch the first season, it is a direct sequel to the films, following up 30 years after the events of the original trilogy. If you are one of the above mentioned, you are doing yourself a great disservice; we can’t recommend this show enough. With these casting additions, it’s hard to see how it could get any more god damn groovy.

Images: ABC, Beware The Horror Blog,
Starz, De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

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