Submergence Trailer: Alicia Vikander And James McAvoy Star In Wim Wenders’ Romantic Thriller

The first international trailer for Wim Wenders’ romantic thriller Submergence dropped online. The Lionsgate produced film stars upcoming Lara Croft and star of Tomb Raider Alicia Vikander, and Professor X himself (one of them at least), James McAvoy.

Submergence is based on J.M. Ledgard’s 2013 novel. The film revolves around two lovers, Danielle Flinders (Vikander) and James More (McAvoy), separated by thousands of miles who think back to their intense romance as they navigate life-or-death situations, with her exploring the ocean floor in a submersible and he held captive by jihadists in Somalia.

Check out the trailer for Submergence below:

Director Wim Wenders is one of the international cinema’s most revered filmmakers. His career stretching back nearly 40 years, and often blending fiction with documentary films like Wings Of Desire and The Buena Vista Social Club. Submergence is his latest film, a deliberately paced drama, offering pensive resonance instead of jovial editing. His films, at times, can almost reach the point of meditation while watching them (as is the case with Wings Of Desire and Paris, Texas).

It will be interesting to see where Submergence lands with both fans of Wenders and casual moviegoers alike. Non-fiction efforts like Pina and The Salt Of The Earth have received critical acclaim, while features like Everything Will Be Fine, shot in 3D and starring James Franco, have been mostly panned.

We have a couple of the film’s posters for you to gaze at as well:


The rest of the cast is rounded out by Alexander Siddig, Celyn Jones, and Reda Kateb. Submergence is set to open on April 13 in the US and on May 18 in the UK.

Images: Lionsgate

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