Archer: 1999

Archer: 1999 – Season 10 Trailer and Premiere Date

FXX has released the official trailer for Archer Season 10. Titled Archer: 1999, the next incarnation of the half-hour animated series takes Sterling Archer and crew to space onboard the MV Seamus.

Archer: 1999 will now be the third straight season to be a “coma dream” for H. Jon Benjamin’s Sterling Archer, who we last seen shot and dying at the end of Season 7. The past two seasons have incorporated the characters into a 1947-era noir story with the okay “Dreamland” and a strange hybrid of 1980s-set adventures like Romancing The Stone and 1930s serials or something Humphrey Bogart would have starred in from the early 40s called “Danger Island.”

Check out the trailer for Archer: 1999 below:

Looks like the whole team is back if a little different. H. Jon Benjamin returns as Sterling Archer, the captain of the ship, joined by Aisha Tyler as co-captain/wife Lana Kane, Jessica Walter as Malory Archer, and Judy Greer as “eagle-eye fighter pilot” Cheryl/Carol Tunt. Krieger (Lucky Yates) appears to have gotten back to human (android?) form after spending a season as a parrot, while Chris Parnell plays the “attention-seeking First Mate” Cyril Figgis, who appears untouched. That can’t be said for Pam Poovey as “the crew’s rock monster muscle,” and she is quite literally a… rock monster. There’s also series creator Adam Reed as “out-of-place-in-space courtesan” Ray Gillette.

Now, this isn’t even the first time Archer has gone out to space; back in season three “Space Race,” lampooned one of Roger Moore’s 007 outings, Moonraker, while referencing a myriad of other sci-fi classics along the way. There was also an Area 51-set episode in which aliens interacted with several characters in the season six episode “Nellis.” So, after the disappointingly dull detour that was “Danger Island,” things are looking a little better for the series 10th season, “1999.”

Archer: 1999

FXX announced that season 10 of Archer: 1999 will debut on May 29 at 10 p.m. ET.

Source: FXX

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