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Finale Watch – The End of The Chicago Code: Another Shawn Ryan Cancellation

Tonight marks the 2nd time in that last year that Shawn Ryan created show, which is better than majority of the programming on Television, will be canceled after only a season on the air. The first was of course Terriers, which was one of my favorite shows ever. The next now is The Chicago Code. Tonight was the last episode of the rookie season for the show, and it will in all likely hood be the last episode ever. Unless however it’s gets a rare cable pickup, the way TNT did with NBC’s Southland, . That however is a ‘Hail Mary’ pass thrown up several times a year that almost never gets caught.

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Fox Hands Out Pink Slips; Slater Cries on Bed of Roses

According to E!Online and several other media outlets, the end of the line is here for cult fave The Chicago Code. Fox has announced that the cop shop will not return in the fall along with dramas Lie to Me, Human Target and comedies Breaking In and Traffic Light.

None of the shows being canceled are surprising considering the ratings were never there to begin with. If we had to be surprised on a show, it might have been The Chicago Code, because it was a universally liked show and as a midseason replacement, Fox might give it another shot but alas, it was not meant to be. Personally, I never got into Lie to Me or Human Target.

With Breaking In, it looks to see Christian Slater continues in his failed conversion to television. Maybe that will open the door to Kuffs 2. Maybe a Hollow Man 3. I did like Traffic Light though but not necessarily enough to complain about it being canceled. Although it wouldn’t be as awesome as The Wizard 2.

As for the replacements for the fall lineup, Fox has announced a few including a Bones spinoff called The Finder, which was based off an episode that aired earlier this season. It stars Geoff Stults, the dude with the sailor vows in Wedding Crashers. He’s also from Detroit, so Kronner will probably watch it now because of loyalty to the D ,and his odd affection for Bones. [<— Ed. LIES!]

The next J.J. Abrams drama –  Alcatraz will also be on the fall slate, with comedies I Hate My Teenage Daughter starring Jaime Pressly

Jamie in her prime…

and The New Girl with Zooey Deschanel.

Here is Zooey pictured with her sister Bones.

That’s a lot of hipster going on the Fox fall slate. Personally, I’d like a television adaptation of Broken Arrow. We need to get Christian Slater some work! He can reunite with newly unemployed Chicago Code star Delroy Lindo!

Okay I’ll stop.

Hard Rain 2? Randy Quaid needs money for bail…

Give it a Chance: ‘The Chicago Code’

For the 2nd show in our Give it a Chance series is on that is already endangered – Fox’s The Chicago Code. It’s no surprise that this show is good, after all it comes from Shawn Ryan, the same guy who gave us Terriers and The Shield. But much like Terriers, the ratings just aren’t there. Granted, it gets roughly 8 times the amount of viewers that Donal Louge and gang got, but on network TV that still may not be enough.

At first glance this may appear to be ‘just another cop show’, but it’s more than that. It’s actually what ABC’s Detroit 1-8-7 should’ve been. Where 1-8-7 looked at my beloved city and ignored the corruption, The Chicago Code has embraced it. Detroit is rotten almost entirely though with corruption reaching the highest levels of local government (Kwame Kilpatrick, Monica Conyers, Stephen A. Hill),  1-8-7 choose to ignore much of this and instead act a publicity piece for the city. The creators constantly sucking up to a city council that didn’t want them there and the characters continually defending the city as if they’d never been there. Refreshingly The Chicago Code instead recognizes the flaws of its setting, and it’s characters attempt to fix said flaws. Perhaps a fantasy of Ryan’s, as he grew up in the ‘Windy City’. I know if I were gonna make a cop show in Detroit I would want my version of the city to be fought for by my protagonist. And that’s whats happening on The Chicago Code.

The fight to save Chicago is done so with some inspired casting. First the guardian of the city and new head of the C.P.D. is Teresa Colvin (Jennifer Beals) and she is on mission to cleanse the city’s government of corruption. Her muscle – her Ex-Partner Detective Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke). Wysocki is joined by Friday Night Lights star Matt Lauria who plays his young partner Caleb Evers. The trio seem to have excellent chemistry.

Jarek and Caleb are given Carte blanche as far which cases they get to take. This is not popular among the other police which only makes their jobs harder. Also on the job is one of the stars of the short-lived NBC show The Black DonnellysBilly Lush. Lush plays Undercover Detective Liam Hennessey and is known as a cop to only a very select few.

Liam is undercover with the intent of bring down the most powerful man in Chicago – Alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy Lindo). Gibbons not only controls the Police budget, but is also as corrupt as they come. This is the basis of the show. Colvin bringing down Gibbons, the man who appointed her.

Ok, so reading that it does sort of sound like ‘another cop show’, but the stories are woven together in a way that forces you to see the situation from multiple angles. The dialogue is well written, and while not as good as The Shield or Terriers, it’s about as good as you can hope for on network TV…

I’d rank this among the best cop shows on TV right now, right up there with Southland. I gave the show a chance because of Shawn Ryan, but I return to it each week because it is awesomely entertaining. I urge you to give it a chance as well…