Hilarious New Deadpool Posters and TV Spots


The movie hasn’t even come out yet and it’s already my favorite movie ever. Whoever is on this marketing team really deserves an award. Do they give awards for that? They should.

Here’s and example. Since Deadpool is set to release very close to Valentine’s Day, this A+ marketing team has created rom-com inspired posters for this very not rom-com movie/character, and it is pure gold.

Are you laughing? You should be laughing. Jam packed with every romantic movie poster cliché, this whole production has really taken to heart what the essence of Deadpool is. I have zero doubts that this movie is going to be everything I want it to be.

Look at this fan made romantic cut of the trailer too.


Furthermore, here are some of the new TV slots as well.

And yes, if you are wondering if you will associate DMX with Deadpool forever, the answer is yes. Pretty sure that’s nothing to complain about though.

Plus, just for kicks and giggles, look at this billboard.


Like I said before, this is a marketing from the Gods and I want them to market everything.

*Ps that Kaleifornia Dreaming sign makes me want to vomit and I live in California.

Images: 20th Century Fox

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