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Batman: Arkham Origins – Who are the 8 Mystery Assassins?

So I don’t know if it’s bothering anyone else besides me, but I’m really, really, really, really, really, really wondering who the remaining assassins in Batman: Arkham Origins are! We’ve already had it confirmed in the recent trailer that two of them are Deathstroke and Deadshot, so that leaves six more foes for Batman that Black Mask has hired. So I guess it’s time to make a list of who I think should be included in this plethora of killers. Now it’s unclear as to whether or not some of the villains not typically specializing in assassin work have been hired by Black Mask because there are definitely villains appearing who don’t necessarily go for that type of thing, for example Penguin and the Joker. My list will be a mix of villains who are primarily assassins but also some villains we have already seen in the other two Arkham games:

1.) Firefly

So there isn’t much to Garfield Lynns, AKA Firefly. But what else do you need from an assassin than the ability to fly, a fireproof gun and a torch gun? Sounds like a match made in heaven to me… err hell maybe? Lynns was hinted at in Arkham Asylum and it would be great to see him HEATING up the city in Origins. That was a terrible play on words by the way.

Arkham Origins

2.) Caine

David Caine is one of the world’s premiere assassins, being hired to kill an abundance of rich and powerful people. Not to mention he actually trained young Bruce Wayne in the ways of the assassin, though Bats  never utilizes the knowledge to kill. It would be a pretty juicy tidbit to see someone who Bruce trained with trying to kill him, whether Caine knows that it is Bruce or not.

Arkham Origins

3.) Lady Shiva

Shiva is the top assassin in Ra’s Al’Ghul’s League of Assassins which didn’t figure prominently into the series until the second installment. Ra’s may have let the Black Mask hire Shiva in an effort to test the “detective” until such a time when Ra’s chooses to confront him. Not to mention Shiva is the mother of Cassandra Cain who was Batgirl for a time, and in the comics Cassandra was also the daughter of none other than David Caine. Perhaps this could figure into the next Arkham game that is a sequel to Arkham City?

Arkham Origins

 4.) Calendar Man

If Julian Day wasn’t born to figure prominently into this game, then I don’t know who is. The game takes place on Christmas Eve of all nights and that is perfect for this calendar obsessed sicko to take a shot at the Batman. We’ve seen hints of him in Arkham Asylum and in the flesh in Arkham City. Maybe we can see what landed him in his much deserved cell during this installment of the Arkham series.

Arkham Origins

5.) Bane

It was stated recently that Origins would have a toned down version of Bane in it. I could definitely see him as someone hired to come in and take down Batman, ala the Animated Series episode titled after the Venom induced breaker of the Batman. I could see him as being juiced to the point of having the frame of The Dark Knight Rises Bane, because if they want him toned down then they can’t have his overgrown, Titan fueled appearance from the other two games.

Arkham Origins

6.) Killer Croc

Waylon Jones is shown most times in the comics these days as a simple muscle for hire type of guy. His predatory instincts make him a very good choice for an assassin and based on all of the animosity he shows Batman in the other two Arkham games it would be interesting to see them interacting before Croc was imprisoned. It would also be fun to have an actual boss fight with Croc given that his appearance in the first game just had you running away from him and the second game only had a short cameo.

Arkham Origins

I have also listed a couple runner ups that I don’t expect to see, but wouldn’t mind if they filled the spots…


I really can’t get enough Clayface. The boss fight in Arkham City against him was probably the best part of the game for me. I think Clayface having the ability to shapeshift into almost any weapon would definitely make him a very potent killer to take down Bats. The guy is basically a living weapon, just made of clay. And since this is dealing with Batman in his younger years, he could be having a showdown with a Clayface just beginning to utilize his new powers.

Arkham Origins

Maxie Zeus

Ok this guy is pretty ridiculous any way that you look at it, but I really liked his portrayal in the 1990’s Batman the Animated Series. While that is still a bit too cheesy, I think that in the Arkham Batman universe that he could really be turned into a legitimate threat. Maybe he could cool down the Greek mythology a tad bit and be an assassin who’s main weapon is that awesome lightning bolt scepter he uses. Like I said, it sounds terrible, but I think Maxie is scheduled for an appearance sometime, given that his night club Olympus was spotted in Arkham City.

Arkham Origins


So there you have my list! What are some of your picks for Arkham Origins? I know there are more out there! Doodlebug? KGBeast? Cheshire? Sound off below in the comments section!

Batman: Arkham Origins – Actual Trailer Debuts

After a quick 47 second teaser the other day showing us a glimpse of the Bats vs Deathstroke, we now have a full trailer showcasing not only a longer fight, but a couple more bat-villains, including another one of the assassins that is hired to give Batman a dirt nap. For those of you not familiar with the story of Arkham Origins, it looks like the Black Mask will be our main villain, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see more of the rogue’s gallery including some of the veterans from the last two games. The story is set over the course of one night on Christmas Eve with presumably the top player in the Gotham underworld, Black Mask having had enough of the newly emerged vigilante known as Batman. To take down the bat, Black Mask hires eight of the deadliest assassins available to take out the Dark Knight, including the already revealed Deathstroke and Deadshot. Who the remaining assassins are is anyone’s guess, but I’m sure plenty of you out there have your ideas…

Aside from Black Mask, Deathstroke and Deadshot, there has been a screenshot of the Penguin showing up. It has also been confirmed that the Joker will be in the game showcasing his first encounter with Batman. To me the most interesting part of Origins is the prequel angle. We are going to see a younger and possibly inexperienced Batman fighting many of his enemies for the first time. Not to mention it’s not the first time that he’s met a lot of the villains, but his allies as well. From the sounds of things Jim Gordon will not be the commissioner in this game and the police will possibly have it out for the caped crusader. Does this also mean no Robin? No Nightwing? No Oracle support!? Say it ain’t so! But the game’s full content hasn’t been fully revealed so there’s no telling who may still pop up. Maybe his first encounter with Selina Kyle aka Catwoman to the ignorant.


Aside from all of the new story content, the developers from the game have stated that there is a more open world in Origins, if you can imagine Gotham being any bigger than it was in Arkham City. For now, plenty of fans of the Arkham series remain skeptical of the newest installment due to the game being released in October of this year, and not yet showcasing any actual gameplay. Also the new developer Montreal taking the reins from Rocksteady who did the last two Arkham games. I counted myself amongst the skeptics and I won’t be fully convinced until I actually play the game, but others who have played the game over at IGN have pretty positive things to say about the gameplay.

Arkham Origins

It sounds like Montreal didn’t mess too much with a good thing in terms of the combat system which is a relief, but they did make some minor tweaks. They’ve made Gotham much bigger this time around, the southern island being called New Gotham, so I can’t imagine anyone complaining about the map being bigger. There will still be boat loads of side quests and bonus content and as much as I enjoyed the detective mode in the first two games, it sounds like Montreal even took it a step further. According to Ars Technica, Batman’s suit in this game will have high powered sensors in it linked up to the Bat Computer and give you the ability to recreate a holographic reenactment of a crime scene that you can pause, rewind and play as you roam about the crime scene. Sounds awesome to me.

It's Anarky... great.
It’s Anarky… great.

Like I said, it’s still unfortunately too early to know until we all get our hands on the final product, but after reading IGN’s experience with the game along with a couple other sources I think the Arkham legacy may be safe in the hands of new developer Montreal. I can’t wait until October 25th and I feel very fortunate these games are always released around my birthday. So until more and more villains and characters are revealed, sound off below and give us some of your predictions.


Arrow 1:16 – “Dead to Rights”

February 27th, 2013: the day the Arrow fandom collectively had a fangirl stroke and briefly died only to come back to life sputtering nonsense such as “River Song! Mom! Oh no! The bird! Hot Australian shirtless man!” and “he did that! His hood! Why? What does it all mean?!?!” and the ever popular “John Barrowman’s American accent is so good!” Minus that last one, I pretty much agree with everything there. This episode was insane. After last week’s somewhat ho-hum performance, I had a feeling this week would be killer, but I was unaware how good it would really be.

First off, I need to apologize to Geoff Johns because when it came to episode 7, I said that his writing style did not translate well to television. I wasn’t entirely wrong because Muse of Fire still wasn’t all that great, but Dead to Rights was exponentially better so perhaps he can write well for TV given that the story lendsDead to Rights itself to his style. This week certainly did as it was fast paced but it didn’t feel like we were being torn in several different places just for the hell of it, rather it worked well with the frantic actions of the characters and situations.

We started off just like most other weeks with a bad guy coming to town. This time it was Guillermo Barrera, a high price hitman. At first the name didn’t set anything off in my memory but the moment those throwing knives hit the air, I remembered who he was and probably only because I’d just done some catching up on Nightwing thanks to Scott’s Bats and Birds piece over at GEEK. Guillermo Barrera is the name of Bludhaven resident and villain, Brutale. Of course we won’t be seeing any of Brutale as he was dead after the first scene, but it was a nice little shout-out to other DC Universe entities.

The whole “McKenna could have met you at the heliport” thing reminded me of something the show does that I find to be really irritating. They don’t go back and address small things. Perfect example: the bug on McKenna’s phone. Is it still there? Did Oliver take it off? Are we going to find out who the mole is? Granted there have been a few things they’ve gone back to and I appreciate that, but I wish they would address these things as it’s driving me nuts.

Dead to Rights
Credit to: arrowarcher

The island is pretty good usually at answer some of those little questions and this week it was “was Oliver always in such great shape?” Well the answer is no. Actually that’s not entirely true as apparently he was “more of a runner.” I do love little lines like that, makes the melodramatic ones much easier to take. Outside of that, the island didn’t do a whole hell of a lot this week. Oliver did show off his knowledge of The Odyssey again and fixed a radio while Slade did pullups and discussed Gilligan’s Island escape methods.

This makes two weeks in a row that there has been very little island happenings, and after the big Shado reveal I’m anxious to get back there and see how all that plays out. Of course he was on the island for five years and I suppose they can’t tell that entire story in sixteen episodes.

I’ll give the island a little leeway on not moving things along, the five years thing, but seriously there needs to be a Black Canary post-haste. I feel like I’ve been saying this for months now, just go ahead and slap some fishnets on Laurel and make it happen! All this pussyfooting around with the sushi and the martial arts, and then the picture of her sister and the black canary. Enough already. (While we are on the subject of things that need to stop, Laurel needs to go ahead and never wear that jumpsuit thing again. Might as well just go ahead and burn it.)

Dead to Rights
This needs to stop!

The only other part of the episode that wasn’t part of the main story was the beautiful friendship that is blossoming between Diggle and Felicity. I don’t think they could get much cuter. Working out together, cracking the arrow shot cell phones of high dollar hitmen together, dreaming of chinese food together… just adorable.

Diggle and Felicity
And by adorable I mean, Good god look at his arms!

After the last scene of episode 16, it was obvious that this week would more than likely be about the plan to kill Malcolm Merlyn. I guess China White didn’t feel like she could handle the job on her own, so after Barrera was disposed of, she went and found the person I’ve been saying had to be still alive – Deadshot! Not only that but she ends up giving him his signature red-eye. It’s about time he came back and having China White in the last few episodes has given it more of an ongoing feeling than just the one bad guy per episode thing they had going for a while there.

Deadshot Arrow

I’ll go ahead and say it – I want to smack Tommy Merlyn and tell him to shut up. Yea yea yea Malcolm was a shit dad and he probably is still a shit dad but man up son! Either tell your dad to hit the road or take whatever likely half-assed apology he’s offering this week and move on. Man this constant whining is getting old. Of course it did lead to a nice moment between Oliver and him discussing their daddy issues.

Credit to: oliversbow
Credit to: oliversbow

However I think we can all agree that Oliver blinding some dude with sriracha is the highlight of that scene. Very heads up play on Ollie’s part.

The two big OMG moments were in the second part of the episode. Oliver runs into McKenna as the “Hood Guy” again but is able to avoid her recognizing him with a well placed fire extinguisher. So he makes his way upstairs to where Tommy and Malcolm are trying to escape both the Triad hitmen and Deadshot’s bullets. In a move I certainly did not expect, and that goes very much against his trying to keep the vigilante identity A SECRET, he shows Tommy who he is.

Credit to: arrowtv
Credit to: arrowtv

WHAT IS HE DOING?!?!?! That’s pretty much my entire reaction. Seriously Oliver, what on earth are you thinking? Not only that but hello, Malcolm was getting ready to show Tommy that he’s the Dark Archer until the grenade hits and then he’s shot and Oliver somehow knows that Tommy and Malcolm have the same blood type so let’s do an impromptu blood transfusion and I felt like throwing things at my TV for a good ten minutes. What is going on here? There’s just too much to process.

So now Tommy and Malcolm are all buddy buddy again and Tommy is pissed at Oliver for not telling him about being the vigilante. When Tommy was first introduced I thought he was basically useless. Now I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn this. Is John Barrowman on board with a long run on Arrow or was this the set up for Tommy to ultimately take on his father’s Dark Archer mantle and battle Oliver, the best friend who betrayed him? Intrigue. I like it.

Credit to: letwinterlightcome
Credit to: letwinterlightcome

The second WTF moment was the last scene. Laurel had gotten a phone call from her mother earlier, but of course ignored it. Of course like all good mothers, ignore the phone call and she’ll be at your doorstep. Even though I knew that Alex Kingston was going to play her mom and I knew that it was going to be this episode, I still had that immediate reaction of “OMG Laurel your mom, Dinah Lance, is standing right there! She’s the Black Canary and now you can too!!!”

Of course we’ll have to wait and see what all this talk of Sarah still being alive results in. I can’t imagine she really is alive. I mean come on, I saw her disappear off that yacht, we all did. It would be difficult to limp away from that.

Dead to Rights

Throughout all of this, the biggest thing I took from this episode is Moira has quite the set of steel balls. Even Frank Chan agrees. Even though there were a few moments of slight nervousness, her hand shaking and her obvious ill feelings towards Tommy being at the awards ceremony, she is cold as ice. Standing there as Malcolm declares there to be a traitor in their ranks? I’d probably have pissed myself and started crying.

Even though it lacked substantial island time, this was probably my favorite episode so far. It had pretty much everything else you could hope for. Going to have to give it a solid 4 out of 5. Add in Yao Fei and Walter (I miss you Walter) and it would have easily been a 4.5

grizzly rating 4of5

Unfortunately we’ll have to wait awhile before we get any answers as Arrow is on break until March 20th, but I think we’ve got plenty to stew over in the meantime.

Until next time!

Arrow: 1.03 – ‘Lone Gunman’

While the first two episodes of Arrow had villains, they were mainly focused on introducing us to the main cast of characters and a little bit of everyone’s back-stories. With “Lone Gunman” however, there was more of a balance between the two, and it was a nice balance. The episode started off with the somewhat irritating voiceover. This portion of voiceover was telling us about James Holder and his lack of quality control when it came to his smoke detectors.

Cut to a beautiful overlook of nighttime Starling City thanks to James Holder’s rooftop pool. I’d be okay with having a pool like that. Lucky James Holder. Sorry, no, Bad James Holder! If Arrow is on your rooftop after dark, chances are pretty good that you are not a good person, no matter what the courts say. So, Arrow is up there doing his “you have failed this city” bit when lo and behold, someone new appears. Well, they don’t really appear but their handiwork does.

Who is it?

Deadshot Arrow Lone Gunman

If you are at all familiar with Batman, then you know this man. It is none other than Deadshot! He lived up to his name because that pool I really loved? Well, it’s got a dead dude floating in it now. Suddenly, not as appealing.

In the exchange though, Oliver got nicked by one of Deadshot’s bullets. Oh bummer. Oliver has to stitch himself up.

Arrow Lone Gunman

I do have to wonder though, Oliver has the supplies in his lair to stitch up a bullet wound but he doesn’t have a damn band-aid anywhere? Just seeing him sitting at his desk with blood soaking through his shirt made me think of what a pain in the ass that would be to get clean. Come on Ollie, get it together. Then again, maybe it was the poison that made him forget about the band-aid. Poison? Oh yeah, Deadshot uses poison on his bullets. Which leads into a nice flashback and we got to see more of the mysterious hooded man on the island.

This answers the question of how Oliver learned to speak Mandarin; it’s none other than Yao Fei. It’s yet to be seen if they’ll go into Yao Fei’s long and somewhat detailed backstory, but obviously the physician and archer parts are playing a key role. We also see where Oliver learned about the “chew something that looks like rosemary to stop the poison” thing.

Arrow Lone GunmanOllie heads home after waking up from his drug induced nap, and well I’ll be, Thea’s been arrested. Is it too early to dislike a character? Because I can not stand Thea. I just want her to either pull her head out of her obnoxious ass and become a contributing member of society or them to make her into Speedy. I don’t really want her to become Speedy but I just want Thea to disappear. Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone. While we’re on the subject, what is the deal with Mommy Queen being so “I’m a good person and parent” in this episode? I mean, I know Oliver gave her crap for the Thea thing but not one hint to her darkside that we know exists. No mention of what Oliver knows or what his dad told him. I want the Evil Queen to return. Thea leaves, Evil Queen comes back. I’ll be pleased as punch if those two things were to occur.

It was only a matter of time before Oliver had to find a way to get to his base without always having to ditch Diggle. Apparently he’s decided to open a nightclub. How stereotypical privileged party boy of a move is that? Come on. I loved Diggle calling him out on the “white knight” thing Oliver has going on.

Perhaps the second best part of the episode is when Oliver decided that he needed to go find a bullet that Deadshot used. To do so he had to go all Assassin’s Creed and climb the side of a building. But unlike in Assassin’s Creed when you can hear people question what on earth (insert name of preferred ancestor of Desmond Miles here) is doing, not a single soul comments on Oliver’s wall climbing stunt.  Perhaps this is the best place to open a nightclub/have a secret lair.

Arrow Lone Gunman

The bullet led Oliver to the Russian mob that he apparently became a ranking member of during his time as a shipwrecked castaway. Come again? I daresay that took me by surprise.

I do wonder what kind of timeline this episode had because one minute Oliver is showing Tommy and Diggle the location of his new nightclub, and the next Laurel is reading about said nightclub online. She’s telling her coworker that she’s totally over Oliver but I think we all know the truth. But who cares about the truth because hello! This happened!

Arrow Lone Gunman

You go girl! Now all she needs is some fishnet stockings and a tight fitting bustier and the Black Canary will take her rightful place in the show. So exciting as I’d actually feared they’d keep Laurel as that helpless chick she was in episode two. Thankfully my worry was all for naught.

So while Oliver was climbing buildings and planning night clubs openings and then getting his ass kicked by bouncers at another club, Deadshot was tattooing names onto his body. There was quite a few names already there but one stood out in particular- Andrew Diggle- especially considering that we learn that Diggle had a brother who was killed doing the same type of work. Did Deadshot kill Diggle’s brother? Is the tattooed name just a shoutout to Andy Diggle, who wrote Green Arrow: Year One? I’m guessing we’ll find out soon.

Arrow Lone Gunman

Speaking of Diggle, his sister in law works at none other than DC Universe’s own, Big Belly Burger! This was the second time I had a DC Universe “moment”, the first being when the annoying voiceover let us know that Deadshot had killed people in Markovia. It’s those kinds of little things that get fans really excited about your show so kudos to Arrow.

Non-kudos to whoever was doing DirecTV’s captioning because they seem to think this woman:

is named Felicity Smoke. Come on people, get with the program- that is Felicity SMOAK and isn’t she just the cutest little IT girl ever? That scene did provide some fun back and forth as Oliver tried to claim the laptop he brought her needed help due to a spilled latte. Nothing gets past that Felicity though and she deftly points out that those are bullet holes, not spilled coffee. Oliver’s only recourse is to admit that “my coffee shop is in a bad neighborhood”. Chuckle, chuckle.

That coffeehouse was actually the hotel room of Deadshot and the latte was his wrist mounted machine guns but hey, let’s not get bogged down in facts here. The rest of the episode was the predictable auction, with the predictable saving from Deadshot’s bullet by Detective Lance, and Oliver’s predictable stashing of his Arrow get-up in the stairway trashcan and then the fight with Deadshot.

Two things that were not predictable-


Arrow Lone Gunman

Surely not, right? I mean come on. If they are going to kill a DC villain each episode, the show isn’t going to last too terribly long. I know there are a lot of them but there aren’t an infinite number. So I’m choosing to believe that Deadshot is not dead but perhaps just unconscious and yea, that eye is not going to make it, so I’m guessing he’ll be a one eyed Deadshot. [Ed. Note – Not for 1 second do I believe Deadshot is dead. The character has a long history of faking his own death…]

Diggle gets shot, Arrow rushes him back to his base so he can give him the grass stuff that looks like rosemary. Diggle wakes up to see Oliver standing there still in his Arrow clothes but the “mask” is now gone and he just says “hey” and the episode ends!

So much for “no one can know”, but seriously, how long was he going to be able to keep it from him? The man has already told him that he’s going to have to watch him pee so it was only a matter of time before he found out any way. I was just not expecting them to do it so early.

Overall, not a bad episode. I’m still a little miffed about Deadshot possibly being dead and I could not care less about the whole “Laurel used to date/sleep with Tommy” bit and as far as I’m concerned, Thea can take a long walk off a short pier but for the most part I liked it. I’m going to go with three and a half bears on this one. Get rid of Thea, make Laurel the Black Canary and we’d be at a solid four.

Next Episode – “An Innocent Man”. I can’t wait!